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tutorial: starting

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......@@ -2,20 +2,30 @@ CPPFLAGS = -I../src \
CXX = g++
all: manual.pdf
all: manual.pdf tutorial.pdf
manual.tex: manual.ptex
find ../src -iname "*.h" -or -iname "*.cpp" |\
perl ../scripts/ manual.ptex
tutorial.tex: tutorial.ptex ../src/*h ../drivers/*cpp
find ../src ../drivers -iname "*.h" -or -iname "*.cpp" |\
perl ../scripts/ tutorial.ptex
manual.pdf: manual.tex
pdflatex manual.tex
bibtex manual.aux
# bibtex manual.aux
pdflatex manual.tex
pdflatex manual.tex
tutorial.pdf: tutorial.tex
pdflatex tutorial.tex
# bibtex tutorial.tex
pdflatex tutorial.tex
pdflatex tutorial.tex
rm -f ../README.tex
rm -f manual.pdf
rm -f manual.pdf manual.tex tutorial.pdf tutorial.tex
/* PSIDOC InputNg
blah blah blah
#include "InputNg.h"
#include "InputCheckBase.h"
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