Commit 3fc55b42 authored by Alvarez, Gonzalo's avatar Alvarez, Gonzalo
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Ainur: string context for vector parsing failures

parent a3dd3dd9
......@@ -316,10 +316,12 @@ void AinurState::convertInternal(std::vector<T>& t,
//check if we have a match
if (!r)
err("vector parsing failed\n");
err("vector parsing failed near " + stringContext(it, value.begin(), value.end()) + "\n");
if (it != value.end())
std::cerr << "vector parsing: unmatched part exists\n";
if (it != value.end()) {
std::cerr << "vector parsing: unmatched part exists near ";
std::cerr << stringContext(it, value.begin(), value.end())<<"\n";
template void AinurState::convertInternal(Matrix<DoubleOrFloatType>&,String) const;
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