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2021-11-19 Version 3.02
* LinearPrediction now yields correct
results (by Alberto Nocera)
* LanczosSolver: prefix + EigsForStop= added
* NewMake.pm infrastructure: clears .a
files (This was affecting KronUtils recompilation
in DMRG++)
* QuasiCanonical expressions support complex scalars
* lorentzian.pl script added
* naiztnerol.pl scripts added which does
the reverse of lorentzian.pl
(Thanks to Bradraj P.)
* Ainur: better error reporting
* Ainur: allows _ for variable names
* Ainur: ellipsis for complex vectors now works
* Ainur: full support for complex numbers
(Thanks to Pontus L.)
* AwesomePredicate and related predicates have
changed the characters used for separators and
logical operators
* ContinuedFraction drivers support complex weights
* ExpressionCalculator now works for complex numbers
* ExpressionCalculator: ei which means exp(i*variable)
has now been fixed (Thanks to Alberto N.)
* IoNgSerializer: remembers whether floating points
correspond to real or complex
2021-04-22 Version 3.00
* SizeType defaults to long int unsigned
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