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#include "InputNg.h"
#include "InputCheckBase.h"
class MyInputCheck : public PsimagLite::InputCheckBase {
std::string import() const
std::string str("integer myscalar;\n");
str += "vector myvector;\n";
str += "string mystring;\n";
return str;
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
if (argc != 2) {
std::cerr<<"USAGE "<<argv[0]<<" filename\n";
return 1;
typedef PsimagLite::InputNg<MyInputCheck> InputNgType;
std::string filename(argv[1]);
MyInputCheck myInputCheck;
InputNgType::Writeable ioWriteable(filename, myInputCheck);
InputNgType::Readable io(ioWriteable);
int myscalar = 0;
io.readline(myscalar, "myscalar=");
std::cout<<"I've read label myscalar with value ";
std::cout<<myscalar<<" from "<<io.filename()<<"\n";
std::vector<double> v;, "myvector");
std::string mystr;
try {
io.readline(mystr, "mystring=");
} catch (std::exception&)
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