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# Upcoming 'Git It Together' Workshops
# Git It Together
## Dec 22: What is a Merge Request?
'Git It Together' is a series of short, interactive workshops focused on using
git as a tool for organized technical collaboration. This workshop meet most
Thursdays at 9:00am in the JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128), and is open to any
ORNL staff, students, and visitors.
Each workshop will feature a short, interactive presentation, followed by an
open Q&A session to answer any git questions you may have. This workshop will
largley cater to new git users, but we will occasionaly delve into advanced
topics to help keep experts interested and keep everyone's skills sharp.
Folks who are already comfortable with git are strongly encouraged to attend and
help answer questions, provide tips for new users, and to help advocate for
expanding the adoption of git at ORNL.
## Upcoming Workshops
### Dec 22: What is a Merge Request?
**Thursday 12/22, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
Merge Requests are the core of collaboration in Gitlab. In this session, we'll
......@@ -8,7 +24,7 @@ walk through creating a merge request for a shared project, and we'll talk about
some of the issue that come up in accepting and vetting merge requests from
external collaborators
## Dec 29: Branches for Fun and Profit
### Dec 29: Branches for Fun and Profit
**Thursday 12/29, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
Branching is a central part of any version control system, and git's facilities
......@@ -18,9 +34,9 @@ for branching are second to none. In this workshop we will cover:
* syncing branches with gitlab
* Simple merging of local branhces
# Past Workshops
## Past Workshops
## Dec 1: Using
### Dec 1: Using
**Thursday 12/1, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
This session will cover
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