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Don't panic -- gitting unlost

(suggested by @tpb)

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......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ idea around? Join us and other ORNL git users on [Slack](
* [Feb 2: Desktop Clients for Git](desktop-clients-for-git/)
* [Feb 9: Using Remotes to Choose what you Share](using-remotes-to-choose-what-you-share/)
* [Feb 16: What is a Merge Request?](what-is-a-merge-request/)
* [Feb 23: Don't Panic -- Gitting unlost](dont-panic-gitting-unlost/)
### Suggest a Topic
Have a suggestion for a topic, or want to volunteer to speak at one of the
# Feb 23: Don't Panic -- Gitting Unlost
**Thursday 2/23, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
Confused about the current state of your git universe? Feel like your head is
detached? Don't Panic! We can show you how to "git unlost"!
In this workshop, we'll show how to navigate your git repo, salvage your
current state, and some other tricks for getting back to a sane environment.
Offsite folks can join us via [BlueJeans](
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