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......@@ -32,7 +32,28 @@ for branching are second to none. In this workshop we will cover:
* branching as a means of organized brainstorming
* syncing branches with gitlab
* Simple merging of local branhces
* Simple merging of local branches
### Jan 5: Git-Flow -- The Standard Git Workflow
**Thursday 1/5, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
One of git's greatest strengths is that it allows teams to design the
collaboration workflow that works best for their needs. However, getting started
from scratch can sometimes be daunting. This week we'll look at "Git-Flow", one
of the most common workflow models. We'll discuss how it works, and how you can
adapt it for your team's needs.
### Jan 26: Continuous Integration with Gitlab Runners
**Thursday 1/26, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
Continuous Integration is all the rage for producing high-quality software.
Gitlab provides a tool called "Runners" that allow you to automatically run your
test suite every time new code is pushed. This makes it very easy to sanity
check new Merge Requests before they get accepted -- this is a great (but not
perfect) line of defense for keeping bugs out of your code.
We'll talk about how to set up gitlab runners on your desktop, and define a
simple "pipeline" that tells Gitlab what to do when new code is pushed.
## Past Workshops
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