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Updated schedule including bundles, internals, and new clients talk

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......@@ -33,7 +33,11 @@ idea around? Join us and other ORNL git users on [Slack](
* [Feb 9: Using Remotes to Choose what you Share](using-remotes-to-choose-what-you-share/)
* [Feb 16: What is a Merge Request?](what-is-a-merge-request/)
* [Feb 23: Don't Panic -- Gitting unlost](dont-panic-gitting-unlost/)
* [Mar 2: Desktop Clients for Git](desktop-clients-for-git/)
* [Mar 2: Git Bundles -- Transferring Repositories Offline](git-bundles/)
* [Mar 9: Desktop Clients for Git](desktop-clients-for-git/)
* Mar 16 -- No Meeting
* Mar 23 -- No Meeting
* [Mar 30: Git Internals](git-internals/)
### Git Involved!
Have a suggestion for a topic, or want to volunteer to speak at one of the
### Mar 2: Desktop Clients for Git
**Thursday 3/2, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
### Mar 9: Desktop Clients for Git
**Thursday 3/9, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
**Speaker: Bruce Wilson**
A Comparison of popular Desktop Clients for Mac and Windows, with a special eye
### Mar 2: Git Bundles -- Transferring Repositories Offline
**Thursday 3/2, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
Need to collaborate with folks who aren't on Network,
connectivity, or account creation barriers? Git Bundles provide a way
to create a zip file that can be treated as a remote repository, allowing
folks to trade commits across network partitions.
While not useful in everyday situations, taking a few minutes to play with
git bundles can be helpful in terms of understanding how remotes work, and
how different repositories can share commits in an abstract (and error-free!)
Git bundles can also be useful for collaborating with customers and vendors
on quick, one-off problems where emailing attachments may be easier than
formalizing a working relationship on a code sharing site. Some organizations
use git bundles to provide working code prompts to interview candidates
in order to review an example of their work.
### Mar 30: Git Internals
**Thursday 3/30, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
**Speaker: Clay England**
Ever wondered what actually happens when you commit? What happens on disk
to make your branches switch seamlessly? This fascinating talk will help
illuminate the mechanics of the git database.
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