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......@@ -26,12 +26,12 @@ Curious about upcoming events? Have questions about git, or need to bounce an
idea around? Join us and other ORNL git users on [Slack](
## Workshop Topics
* [Dec 22: What is a Merge Request?](what-is-a-merge-request/)
* [Dec 29: Branches for Fun and Profit](branches-for-fun-and-profit/)
* [Jan 5: Git-Flow -- The Standard Git Workflow](git-flow-the-standard-git-workflow/)
* [Jan 26: Continuous Integration with Gitlab Runners](continuous-integration-with-gitlab-runners/)
* [Feb 2: Desktop Clients for Git](desktop-clients-for-git/)
* [Feb 9: Using Remotes to Choose what you Share](using-remotes-to-choose-what-you-share/)
* [Feb 16: What is a Merge Request?](what-is-a-merge-request/)
### Suggest a Topic
Have a suggestion for a topic, or want to volunteer to speak at one of the
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