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......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ Unless stated otherwise, these workshops are held on the following dates at
* [Jan 5: Git-Flow -- The Standard Git Workflow](#jan-5-git-flow-the-standard-git-workflow)
* [Jan 26: Continuous Integration with Gitlab Runners](#jan-26-continuous-integration-with-gitlab-runners)
* [Feb 2: Desktop Clients for Git](#feb-2-desktop-clients-for-git)
* [Feb 9: Using Remotes to Choose what you Share](#feb-9-using-remotes-to-choose-what-you-share)
Have a suggestion for a topic, or want to volunteer to speak at one of the
workshops? Just [open an issue](
......@@ -78,12 +79,28 @@ We'll talk about how to set up gitlab runners on your desktop, and define a
simple "pipeline" that tells Gitlab what to do when new code is pushed.
### Feb 2: Desktop Clients for Git
**Thursday 1/26, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
**Thursday 2/2, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
**Speaker: Bruce Wilson**
A Comparison of popular Desktop Clients for Mac and Windows, with a special eye
towards what works best at ORNL.
### Feb 9: Using Remotes to Choose what you Share
**Thursday 2/9, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
Not all of us want to share every single change with the outside world. For
some projects, it may be appropriate to maintain two repositories -- one for
internal development, and one for publishing stable releases with the outside
In this workshop, we'll go over a basic strategy for maintaing separate public
and private copies of the same codebase. This will give us the opportunity to
talk about:
* Defining and connecting to remote repositories
* Keeping branches in sync with different remotes
* Using Gitlab's "Repository Sync" feature to automatically pull changes
### Dec 1: Using
**Thursday 12/1, 9:00am in JICS Auditorium (5100 RM 128)**
......@@ -95,4 +112,4 @@ This session will cover
We will also briefly walk through how to apply for an XCAMS account, so that you
can show your non-ORNL colleagues how to sign up.
[Slides from this meeting](using-code-ornl-gov/)
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[Slides from this meeting](using-code-ornl-gov/)
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