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      Fmu wrappers (#4647) (#288) · 9be652ee
      William Gurecky authored
      * wip: adds boilerplate fmi and fmu c interface
      * adds working example FMU model import
      * adds wrappers for doStep getReal and setReal
      * fix issue with getting c++ obj pointer
      * wip: debugging illegal fmu state after init
      * wip: debugging illegal fmu state after init
      * adds example FMU import
      * adds calls to enter and exitInitilizationMode to setupExperiment and adds output to fmu step example
      * adds verbosity flag for c/c++ interface fns
      * remove extraneous module imports in fmu2_f_api
      * example fmu step test now runs to endTime of 0.1s
      * wraps clear get/setInteger and get/setBoolean
      * parse the FMU XML modelDescription on init
      * enables xml parser to handle FMU born XML files and adds getValueRef and getCausality methods to FMU wrapper
      * wip: get and set FMU state for FMU setRestart and rewindToRestart functionality
      * adds convinience method to get and set FMU variables
      * wip: adds capability to setRestart and rewindToRestart and adds ex use of rewind in exampleFMU
      * cleanup
      * ensure GetSetFMUstate capability is enabled by checking FMU XML
      * remove debug edits
      * clean up unused vars
      * read the FMU guid and modelIdentifier directly from the FMU XML if available
      * make opaque pointer to fmu obj a property of the FMU_base abstract class
      * remove unused FMUv1 specific code
      * fix cmake msg status for fmu wrapper config
      * adding check for duplicate variables in fmu xml
      * fix issue where rewind state does not rewind model time
      * retab fmu cpp files
      * adding tests for fmu xml parse and fmu model load
      * adds test to step fmu model forward and check against expected result
      * update license and doc strings
      * clean comments in fmu examples
      * remove write statement from fmu unit test
      * fix doc strings in FMU_Wrapper
      * remove extra import c_ptr statements in FMU_f_api
      * updates fmu wrapper doc strings and changes fmu interface module name
      * Seperate base, Co-Sim and Model Exchange FMU types in the FMU wrapper
      * wip: adds initial support for model exchange fmus in the FMU_wrapper
      * deduce the number of continuous state variables from the fmu xml file for model exchange fmus
      * fixes xml parse issue when a ModelStructure block is present but empty in the FMU XML
      * change fmu var get and set interfaces to take character strings rather than StringType
      * remove abstract interface for method that is specific to FMIv2 and v1, but not included in v3
      * adds additional check to valueReference in FMU_Wrapper unit test
      * make properties and methods of the abstract fmu base class private by default
      * adds option to auto download the third party FMUs and gold result files in the FMU examples
      * adds detailed description of each FMU Wrapper example
      * adds rewind consitency check to exampleFMU2_rectifier.f90
      * fix whitespace
      * fix whitespace in fmu wrapper unittest
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