1. 15 Jan, 2020 1 commit
    • Graham, Aaron's avatar
      Fix indentations (#220) · e74720e5
      Graham, Aaron authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Address code that does not adhere to the code standard
      Fixes 3 things:
      1. Removes author, data, revision, and dependencies from module headers
      2. Removes unneeded indentation inside MODULE statments
      3. Removes unneeded indentation inside module CONTAINS statements
      * Fix coinuation line indentations
      * Fix SELECTTYPE and SELECTCASE indentations
      * Fix indentation for PROGRAM and MODULE blocks in unit tests
      * Fix continuation lines and SELECT TYPE/CASE in unit tests
  2. 13 Jan, 2020 2 commits
    • HendersonSC's avatar
      Strings cleanup (#218) · 48918c8a
      HendersonSC authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Implements string replace method and testing
      * Clean up StringType doxygen, add check for clear method
      * Add testing. Fix doxygen comments
      * Remove ALL/ANY overload for string types
      * Remove unused variable
    • HendersonSC's avatar
      Removes unused parameter definitions (#219) · 50acc203
      HendersonSC authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Removes unused parameter definitions
      * Re-add parameter inside preproc
      * Add test for unused_parameters to CI
      * Last few unused_parameters
      * Rearrange preproc to remove unused variable
  3. 10 Jan, 2020 2 commits
    • Gentry, Cole's avatar
      Schema Parser (#160) · 5fef501a
      Gentry, Cole authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Initial implementation of SchemaParser
      * Addressed reviewer comments, add ability to handle inline comments, add ability to client code to define its own EntryType for parsing
      * Fixed some compile bugs revealed during Futility CI build
      * Fixed some another compile bug when building the Schema unit test
      * Addressed a number of reviewer comments
      * Addressed some additional reviewer comments
      * Incorporated new str function from IO_Strings
      * Fixed some errors in REQUIRE statements
      * Addressed an additional bug a REQUIRE statement and removed the Type suffix from all other types in SchemaParser
      * Removed an unnecessary REQUIRED check on a bool to ensure it's either true or false
      * Fixed some issues in SchemaParser where legacy string manipulation functions were being used
    • apfitzge's avatar
      Fixed compilation issue with FutilityComputingEnvironment for gcc 4.8.5 (#156) · 2af6356d
      apfitzge authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      In routines adding or removing timers, changed
      TYPE(TimerType) to CLASS(TimerType) in order to match the TimerPtrArray
  4. 09 Jan, 2020 1 commit
    • djabaay's avatar
      Convert PL to 2D string array (#203) · b1feb413
      djabaay authored
      * Adding routine to convert a PL of PLs to a 2-D string array.
      * Adding unit test for convertTo2DStringArray.
      * Whitespace.
      * Removing unused variables.
      * Deleting commented out code.  Adding all paramtypes to unit test.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6088
      * Removing unneeded variables.
      Two parameter list pointers and a string variable were not needed.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6088
  5. 08 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  6. 31 Dec, 2019 1 commit
  7. 12 Dec, 2019 2 commits
    • djabaay's avatar
      Pl get string update (#197) · fa37ca38
      djabaay authored
      * Updating the %getString function.
      Originally, the function would only return a string for scalar values,
      and the developer was responsible for selecting the correct %getString*
      subroutine depending on the parameter type being converted, whether a
      scalar, 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D array.
      This change allows the developer to use the scalar %getString function
      for any dimension of parameter.
      * Adding unit tests for the updated %getString routine.
      * Prune the ending ',' when writing the arrays.
      * Replacing integer writes with calls to function str(integer).
      * Changing the default delimiter to be ;.  Updating tests.
      * Addressing Yuxuan's comments.
      Removing commented out code.
      Adding subroutine descriptions.
      Removing optional delim argument.
      Updating comments and replacing getSubstring with %substr()
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Fixing SELECTTYPE indentation
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Addressing review comments. Updating error messages, unit test assertions.
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Other review comments. Fixing comment descriptions, updated assertions.
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Changing the delimeter from ";" to surrounding '"'s
      This change is primarily for better interoperability with the getField()
      subroutine.  In this manner, each entry from a multi-dimensional array
      is added to the scalar string as a separate field.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6173
      * Deleting unused variable.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6173
    • djabaay's avatar
      Write table on fortran file type. (#202) · 36c11fd3
      djabaay authored
      * Adding writeTable routine as a type-bound procedure.
      Since all writing will be done to files, the logical place to put the
      writing of the 2-D array of strings is on the base Fortran type since
      this class is used for the output file.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Adding routine to get the table bounds from a 2-D string array.
      This routine gets the maximum width of each column and the maximum
      height of every row in the input table.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Adding function to output table row separator string.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Simplifying some logical assignments.
      Get rid of IF checks, just assign based on the logical result.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Change interface to use fortran file type.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Adding tests for the writeTable routine.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Delete unused variable.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Splitting writeTable routine into two routines.
      The first routine will convert a 2-D string array table into a 1-D array
      of strings, or lines, and will exist in IO_Strings. The 1-D string array
      can then be passed to the second routine on the fortran file type,
      %fwrite, to be written.  Currently only 1-D strings are supported for
      the %fwrite interface.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Updating comment to reflect correct input variable name
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Addressing comments, deleting comments, adding description, and DBC.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Changing the parsing not use the ";".  Expecting quotes instead.
      Removing index checks for ';', and enforcing the use of getField for all
      entries, scalar and array.  The %getString function will enclose array
      entries in quotes now, making it easy to use the getField() call.  The
      maxrowsize is determined by the nfields() call instead of nmatchstr.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
  8. 06 Dec, 2019 1 commit
  9. 22 Nov, 2019 2 commits
  10. 21 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  11. 15 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Graham, Aaron's avatar
      Revert "Partition graph metrics update" (#208) · 21d75ef8
      Graham, Aaron authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Revert "Making the maxnsr output argument optional."
      This reverts commit 7e5dc278.
      * Revert "Adding DBC modules.  Fixing typo."
      This reverts commit c2107127.
      * Revert "Adding DBC checks on the output of %metrics.  Fixing input arg description."
      This reverts commit 38eff0c9.
      * Revert "Updating initial wtfactor value.  Adding it to %clear() routine."
      This reverts commit 236432f0.
      * Revert "Updating and adding tests for the weighting factor."
      This reverts commit d1e5e98c.
      * Revert "Updating PartitionGraph and metrics routine to account for weighting factor."
      This reverts commit fbd20fde.
  12. 14 Nov, 2019 6 commits
  13. 07 Nov, 2019 4 commits
  14. 30 Oct, 2019 2 commits
  15. 29 Oct, 2019 3 commits
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing build_on_docker.sh · d5c6bc3b
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      The TPLs in the docker image were updated for HDF5 and
      PETSc, but the corresponding versions in the build_on_docker.sh
      build script were not updated. This commit updates them to the current.
      Github Issue - #132
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Updating all of .travis-ci.yml to use && · 9cad2ad1
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      Changing rest of ; to && so errors from any intermediate command
      seem to cause travis-ci to register a failure.
      Github Issue - #132
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Changing .travis.yml to use && instead of ; · 6eac348a
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      In bash when chaining commands, the && will only execute the next
      command if the previous command had a return value of 0. When using
      ; it will execute the next command regardless of the return code.
      Not sure how TravisCI treats the error code in reporting errors,
      so I'm hoping this reveals the issue.
      Github Issue - #132
  16. 02 Oct, 2019 2 commits
  17. 01 Oct, 2019 2 commits
  18. 30 Sep, 2019 3 commits
  19. 18 Sep, 2019 3 commits