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    • COLLINSBS email's avatar
      Changes to new docker container (#225) · a2abc21a
      COLLINSBS email authored
      * Add ProjectCompilerPostConfig.cmake to include the one from Trilinos (PHI-5294)
      With updated Trilinos, you need to let Kokkos handle the various compiler
      options for C++, etc.  This allows you to use the KOKKOS_ARCH cmake cache var
      and let the Kokkos team figure out how to build on varous machines.
      * Ignore TriBITS and make ignores more direct
      * Allow override of <Project>_TRIBITS_DIR in the user cache
      * Fix bad if statement varaible usage
      * Automatic snapshot commit from tribits at e96a835
      Origin repo remote tracking branch: 'casl-github/master'
      Origin repo remote repo URL: 'casl-github = git@github.com:CASL/TriBITS.git'
      At commit:
      commit e96a8357e1bc6c67c554132ba70d8bca44d526f3
      Author:  Baird, Mark L <bairdml@ornl.gov>
      Date:    Mon Nov 11 14:26:27 2019 -0500
      Summary: Updating README_checkin.md
      * Changes to new docker container
      * Protects include for Trilinos to ensure that it is present first
      * Supresses C and C++ warnings to reduce log length
      * Set Tpetra_INST_INT_INT=OFF to reduce build times
      Hopefully MPACT does not need 32 bit 'int' global ordinals and only needs 64
      bit global 'long long' ordinals with Tpetra.  This should cut down on the
      build times by a good bit.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarRoscoe A. Bartlett <rabartl@sandia.gov>
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    • tghaddar's avatar
      Add Kokkos initialize and finalize fortran interfaces (#222) · fae59108
      tghaddar authored
      * Adding in interfaces to initialize Kokkos from a fortran front end.
      * Adding a Fortran front end to initialize Kokkos.
      * Removing extra space.
      * Adding more Kokkos initialization options.
      * Removing unecessary lines.
      * Putting ifdef around kokkos includes.
      * Adding ifdefs so that builds without Trilinos compile.
      * Adding the Kokkos initialize test and trilinos interface test into the
      unit test directory, and building them as Futility unit tests, not stand
      alone executables.
    • sooyoung0321's avatar
      Enabling MPI when PETSc is not used. (#223) · 34bd59c9
      sooyoung0321 authored
  14. 03 Feb, 2020 1 commit
    • Kabelitz, Matthew Edward's avatar
      Adds a set of Native/Parallel Datatypes (#205) · 7025d596
      Kabelitz, Matthew Edward authored
      * Brought in changes from bandMat_pGMRES_rsor branch pertaining to datatypes
      * Restructured native distr. types and fixed doxygen comments
      * Updated whitespace, doxygen comments, etc.
      * Generalized matvec routine to hold >2 slots
      * updated to new whitespace rules. pending final checks
      * Updated to style guide
      * Removed extraneous parameters
  15. 15 Jan, 2020 1 commit
    • Graham, Aaron's avatar
      Fix indentations (#220) · e74720e5
      Graham, Aaron authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Address code that does not adhere to the code standard
      Fixes 3 things:
      1. Removes author, data, revision, and dependencies from module headers
      2. Removes unneeded indentation inside MODULE statments
      3. Removes unneeded indentation inside module CONTAINS statements
      * Fix coinuation line indentations
      * Fix SELECTTYPE and SELECTCASE indentations
      * Fix indentation for PROGRAM and MODULE blocks in unit tests
      * Fix continuation lines and SELECT TYPE/CASE in unit tests
  16. 13 Jan, 2020 2 commits
    • HendersonSC's avatar
      Strings cleanup (#218) · 48918c8a
      HendersonSC authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Implements string replace method and testing
      * Clean up StringType doxygen, add check for clear method
      * Add testing. Fix doxygen comments
      * Remove ALL/ANY overload for string types
      * Remove unused variable
    • HendersonSC's avatar
      Removes unused parameter definitions (#219) · 50acc203
      HendersonSC authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Removes unused parameter definitions
      * Re-add parameter inside preproc
      * Add test for unused_parameters to CI
      * Last few unused_parameters
      * Rearrange preproc to remove unused variable
  17. 10 Jan, 2020 2 commits
    • Gentry, Cole's avatar
      Schema Parser (#160) · 5fef501a
      Gentry, Cole authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Initial implementation of SchemaParser
      * Addressed reviewer comments, add ability to handle inline comments, add ability to client code to define its own EntryType for parsing
      * Fixed some compile bugs revealed during Futility CI build
      * Fixed some another compile bug when building the Schema unit test
      * Addressed a number of reviewer comments
      * Addressed some additional reviewer comments
      * Incorporated new str function from IO_Strings
      * Fixed some errors in REQUIRE statements
      * Addressed an additional bug a REQUIRE statement and removed the Type suffix from all other types in SchemaParser
      * Removed an unnecessary REQUIRED check on a bool to ensure it's either true or false
      * Fixed some issues in SchemaParser where legacy string manipulation functions were being used
    • apfitzge's avatar
      Fixed compilation issue with FutilityComputingEnvironment for gcc 4.8.5 (#156) · 2af6356d
      apfitzge authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      In routines adding or removing timers, changed
      TYPE(TimerType) to CLASS(TimerType) in order to match the TimerPtrArray
  18. 09 Jan, 2020 1 commit
    • djabaay's avatar
      Convert PL to 2D string array (#203) · b1feb413
      djabaay authored
      * Adding routine to convert a PL of PLs to a 2-D string array.
      * Adding unit test for convertTo2DStringArray.
      * Whitespace.
      * Removing unused variables.
      * Deleting commented out code.  Adding all paramtypes to unit test.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6088
      * Removing unneeded variables.
      Two parameter list pointers and a string variable were not needed.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6088
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  20. 31 Dec, 2019 1 commit
  21. 12 Dec, 2019 2 commits
    • djabaay's avatar
      Pl get string update (#197) · fa37ca38
      djabaay authored
      * Updating the %getString function.
      Originally, the function would only return a string for scalar values,
      and the developer was responsible for selecting the correct %getString*
      subroutine depending on the parameter type being converted, whether a
      scalar, 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D array.
      This change allows the developer to use the scalar %getString function
      for any dimension of parameter.
      * Adding unit tests for the updated %getString routine.
      * Prune the ending ',' when writing the arrays.
      * Replacing integer writes with calls to function str(integer).
      * Changing the default delimiter to be ;.  Updating tests.
      * Addressing Yuxuan's comments.
      Removing commented out code.
      Adding subroutine descriptions.
      Removing optional delim argument.
      Updating comments and replacing getSubstring with %substr()
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Fixing SELECTTYPE indentation
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Addressing review comments. Updating error messages, unit test assertions.
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Other review comments. Fixing comment descriptions, updated assertions.
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
      * Changing the delimeter from ";" to surrounding '"'s
      This change is primarily for better interoperability with the getField()
      subroutine.  In this manner, each entry from a multi-dimensional array
      is added to the scalar string as a separate field.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6173
      * Deleting unused variable.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6173
    • djabaay's avatar
      Write table on fortran file type. (#202) · 36c11fd3
      djabaay authored
      * Adding writeTable routine as a type-bound procedure.
      Since all writing will be done to files, the logical place to put the
      writing of the 2-D array of strings is on the base Fortran type since
      this class is used for the output file.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Adding routine to get the table bounds from a 2-D string array.
      This routine gets the maximum width of each column and the maximum
      height of every row in the input table.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Adding function to output table row separator string.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Simplifying some logical assignments.
      Get rid of IF checks, just assign based on the logical result.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Change interface to use fortran file type.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Adding tests for the writeTable routine.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Delete unused variable.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Splitting writeTable routine into two routines.
      The first routine will convert a 2-D string array table into a 1-D array
      of strings, or lines, and will exist in IO_Strings. The 1-D string array
      can then be passed to the second routine on the fortran file type,
      %fwrite, to be written.  Currently only 1-D strings are supported for
      the %fwrite interface.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Updating comment to reflect correct input variable name
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Addressing comments, deleting comments, adding description, and DBC.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
      * Changing the parsing not use the ";".  Expecting quotes instead.
      Removing index checks for ';', and enforcing the use of getField for all
      entries, scalar and array.  The %getString function will enclose array
      entries in quotes now, making it easy to use the getField() call.  The
      maxrowsize is determined by the nfields() call instead of nmatchstr.
      CASL Ticket # - PHI 6089
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    • Graham, Aaron's avatar
      Revert "Partition graph metrics update" (#208) · 21d75ef8
      Graham, Aaron authored and Stimpson, Shane G's avatar Stimpson, Shane G committed
      * Revert "Making the maxnsr output argument optional."
      This reverts commit 7e5dc278.
      * Revert "Adding DBC modules.  Fixing typo."
      This reverts commit c2107127.
      * Revert "Adding DBC checks on the output of %metrics.  Fixing input arg description."
      This reverts commit 38eff0c9.
      * Revert "Updating initial wtfactor value.  Adding it to %clear() routine."
      This reverts commit 236432f0.
      * Revert "Updating and adding tests for the weighting factor."
      This reverts commit d1e5e98c.
      * Revert "Updating PartitionGraph and metrics routine to account for weighting factor."
      This reverts commit fbd20fde.
  26. 14 Nov, 2019 2 commits