1. 20 Jan, 2017 3 commits
  2. 23 Aug, 2016 9 commits
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Nasty Intel bug fix in new Parameter list routine · 5e3043ab
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      Previously a list iterator was added to the ParamType. This routine
      was failing in Intel whenever the pointer argument was NULL.
      To fix it, I switched the pointer/target arguments and created a
      local temporary pointer variable to pass instead of the dummy arg
      that was defined as a target.
      CASL Ticket # - #4189
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing mem leak in ParameterList getString · 69da2e6c
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      Types with allocatable components should not be passed to dummy
      args defined with ALLOCATABLE and INTENT(OUT).
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
    • Zhuoran Han's avatar
      Fixing TEXML compiling bug · ba99abde
      Zhuoran Han authored
      Clear the memory in ThermalExpandXML
      Set the lengnth of the string as the input length
      CASL Ticket # - #4189
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing memory leaks related to loading XML files · 0c0e2c29
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      QA activities
      CASL Ticket # - #4189
    • Zhuoran Han's avatar
      Updating TEXML · 03a220f4
      Zhuoran Han authored
      Fixing some minor problems in ParameterLists to run TEXML
      CASL Ticket # - PHI#4189
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Bug fix to ParamType add when adding parameters · a597a827
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      There was a bug when trying to add a parameter list as a sublist in
      another parameter list. If the name of the list being added was longer
      than the argument of the address to where the sublist should be added,
      then the sublist name would be truncated. This was fixed by changing some
      internal variables to StringTypes.
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing bug in ParamType get method · 94105828
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      If one tried to get any parameter that proceeded through a terminal,
      non-list type parameter it would return the terminal parameter instead of
      NULL. This also affected the has method.
      CASL Ticket # - N/A
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing getSubPL method on ParamType · 031b925a
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      It wasn't tested, and did not appear to work. Works now and is tested
      to prove it.
      CASL Ticket # - #4189
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Modifying ParameterList editToXML to preserve original formatting · 6f45e284
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      When exporting the file and writing doubles or arrays of doubles, the
      format was questionable. Now if the double values are read in from a file
      and then written back out again, if the original values did not change,
      the value in the file does not change. To do still is use significant
      figures to format the output value when it does change.
      CASL Ticket # - #4189
  3. 08 Jun, 2016 2 commits
  4. 06 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing ParameterLists::getSubParams for Intel 13 compiler bug · 594f1933
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      The bug relates to the association of the arguments in the ASSOCIATED
      intrinsic function and whether they are the POINTER or TARGET. In
      one instance the function returns the correct result, and in the other
      instance it does not. Later versions of Intel and gfortran compiler return
      the same result regardless of the order/association of the dummy arguments.
      CASL Ticket # - #4200
  5. 26 May, 2016 3 commits
  6. 22 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing issue with processing large XML files · 7370e094
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      Modified how the XML file type caches the file data in memory to not have
      an upper-bound of 1 million characters and to better minimize the number
      of I/O operations.
      Also improved the comments to the routine. Comments could still probably
      use some work.
      CASL Ticket # - 4093
  7. 25 Jan, 2016 9 commits
  8. 11 Aug, 2015 5 commits
  9. 10 Mar, 2015 1 commit
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Bug fix for parameter lists get function · 97174657
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      If a preceding parameter list name had less characters than
      a sublist, and this sublist name matched up to the same number
      of characters an incorrect match would be detected because of string
      This manifested itself in an AP1000 input. It has now been fixed.
  10. 12 Feb, 2015 2 commits
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixed bug introduced in last commit. · dda8f340
      Brendan Kochunas authored
    • Brendan Kochunas's avatar
      Fixing bugs in parameter list has/get methods · 39e7ccfc
      Brendan Kochunas authored
      The get method allows for partial matching, however if a
      parameter was identified as "a->b" in the list, a parameter having
      name "b" under any parameter named "a" would be returned. This meant
      that we would incorrectly identify parameters.
      Instead of finding "any b under any a in the list" we now find
      "any a->b" under the list. So the searching/matching is done for
      the exact address given. This was a major bug in the %get method that
      is used widely by other methods.
      In addition to this, the "has" bug where one might need to use
      a list container before properly searching has now been fixed.
      (Ticket #507 at UM).
  11. 26 Nov, 2014 1 commit
    • Benjamin Collins's avatar
      Format edit of 1D arrays differently to save lines in output · 5a1e6e0f
      Benjamin Collins authored
      The current way the PL dumps a 1D array is vertically.  This makes our
      output file incredibly large and very frustrating to get to the output.
      Now I've added a MAX_1D_LEN.  If the length is less than or equal to
      that, it will print vertically, otherwise, it prints horizontally.
      The current value of MAX_1D_LEN is 10.
  12. 10 Oct, 2014 1 commit
  13. 24 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Dan Jabaay's avatar
      Adding depletion material logic to master. · 4ffc69dd
      Dan Jabaay authored
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit fa06e946fb680f4fae6143673ab2866f2fb60e1e
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 17:23:03 2014 -0400
          Fixing this test, with the new materials stuff it got broke.
      commit 0aeb857966e4021aa697443cd201c15d9bc153ee
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 16:29:44 2014 -0400
          Making the error message for having CR bank names specified in the map and not in the bank_label input.
      commit c5e8cd1be84d161882f7c6199bd22e9e9e9ca867
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 16:23:55 2014 -0400
          Moving the detecting of resonance materials from Driver into the MaterialManager_Add routine.  Fixing some spacing in the edits, adding more error checking of control rods in XML.
      commit f7622229ffecf18f2874e08f814f090794cd1155
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 16:22:03 2014 -0400
          Updating the benchmark 2 inputs so they won't crash with the new error checking on control rods and banks.
      commit 8d0e2a8c634644828a99f7dcf8b9b25985238fde
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 13:47:29 2014 -0400
          Adding a new deferred procedure to the XSLibType_Base where it returns whether a cross section set index is resonant or not.  The subgroup library extended types use the %isXSSetReso() variable to return the logical, all others default to false.  This is done so we can move the resonant check into the MaterialManager from Driver.
      commit 3c89350b76eeb0d5a69c0cbae7fd38fc140e391b
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 12:13:24 2014 -0400
          Modified the error message.
      commit 619308fcc36bc161da44fe15c700569a2642d47e
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 12:07:12 2014 -0400
          Removing the deallocate in coremesh, it destroys unit tests.  Adding logic to preserve the initial mattype values for the standard input since this was breaking the verify tests and probably a lot of other standard inputs.  We now check to see if the mattype == MATTYPE_NULL, which in most XML cases is true, and those are the ones we want to change.  I can add logic later to disable fuel depletion, but I think this is sufficient for now.  Adding more checks in XML to see if the rod map and bank map have the same number of non '-' values.
      commit 5b184997e1b337530ba5fa89468189e350a327e4
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Mon Jun 23 10:08:40 2014 -0400
          Adding a check for the optional depletion sublist in the MPACT block.
          Changing the logic for the routine that returns the acceptable materials
          for a given assembly to use since I added the "type" to the material name.
      commit d73f57734275e3ea839e4a77ff023aa8a014502a
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Sun Jun 22 17:02:52 2014 -0400
          Fixing a few bugs.  The right string is checked for Fuel, ControlRod, and
          InsertRod in the depletion logic.  The right PL is used in
          ProcBlocks_DEPL and in XMLProc.  Commented out the artificial depletion of
          materials in the setMats routines.
      commit ef830061191f5422fe314baa94a28dd61bb89bd5
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Fri Jun 20 17:02:26 2014 -0400
          Finishing up the Parameter list test. Almost there.
      commit e7e5ec4f1a917e9c1e3718f1c974f763ed8eae5e
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Fri Jun 20 16:59:29 2014 -0400
          Adding some extra logic when the include and exclude lists are set.
      commit c1b96db7421444b321b25d1da0df4ca9436960a6
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Fri Jun 20 16:58:49 2014 -0400
          Adding first pass at setting the depletable materials in SetupMaterials in
      commit 178386c57bc543508ee152ff3e27264c72134757
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Fri Jun 20 16:53:25 2014 -0400
          Finished with the first pass at flagging depletable materials in the _Add
      commit d779b5ca0b47cc28e7d41510c755804affc8f4c8
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Fri Jun 20 16:09:54 2014 -0400
          Making the error messages include their bank name.  Adding an error for
          when there is a bank with no rods in it.
      commit 79e8c935140a4dcfd3c31bd4ec67b59ad7ac15ef
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Fri Jun 20 15:40:29 2014 -0400
          Updating the default MPACT PL to have the new input parameters in the
          list.  Adding the new cards to the XMLProc and their comments to the
          manual on how to use them.
      commit c9119e34387e7c700da72137002fe3bf786aab7f
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Fri Jun 13 16:17:55 2014 -0400
          Fixing a memory leak in coremesh.  Was only nullifying a pointer to
          coregeom, needed to deallocate it.  Finishing up the 1-D arrays for
      commit 63f8a69063ddeac24dde0653fb70fcf6ee917ab0
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Thu Jun 12 14:55:39 2014 -0400
          Fixed a error message typo in PL.  Converting the testPL to use the unit
          test harness.  Finished with the scalar values.
      commit a73b45f365a228af315ad90bfe6821beb0e9629e
      Author: Dan Jabaay <djabaay@umich.edu>
      Date:   Thu Jun 12 11:58:05 2014 -0400
          Commenting out deprecated code for AsyPinData that was on AssemblyMesh and
          AssemblyTypes.  Adding a TRIM() line in the getNextParam.
  14. 18 Jun, 2014 1 commit