Commit 92d4f8cd authored by Henderson, Shane's avatar Henderson, Shane Committed by Graham, Aaron
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Make IF/ELSE statements more concise by using MERGE

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...@@ -7224,11 +7224,7 @@ SUBROUTINE write_attribute_b0(this,obj_name,attr_name,attr_val) ...@@ -7224,11 +7224,7 @@ SUBROUTINE write_attribute_b0(this,obj_name,attr_name,attr_val)
CALL h5screate_simple_f(num_dims,dims,dspace_id,error) CALL h5screate_simple_f(num_dims,dims,dspace_id,error)
!Create and write to the attribute within the dataspce !Create and write to the attribute within the dataspce
IF(attr_val) THEN char_attr_val = MERGE('T','F',attr_val)
CALL createAttribute(this,obj_id,attr_name,H5T_NATIVE_CHARACTER,& CALL createAttribute(this,obj_id,attr_name,H5T_NATIVE_CHARACTER,&
dspace_id,attr_id) dspace_id,attr_id)
CALL h5awrite_f(attr_id,H5T_NATIVE_CHARACTER,char_attr_val,dims,error) CALL h5awrite_f(attr_id,H5T_NATIVE_CHARACTER,char_attr_val,dims,error)
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