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This is python code that can be used to evaluate the Peak Shaving abilities of
Priority Based Control (PBC)
This study has three main requirements --
1) EnergyPlus v8.7
2) Volttron must be installed. Volttron documentation can be found here
3) 2 PNNL developed Volttron agents are also needed. These are the
volttron-energyplus and volttron-pubsub agents. These can be found here
I suggest working through the examples listed
Once everything has been installed, activate the volttron virtualenv and start
the platform and the pubsub agent.
Now, with the virtualenv activated, navigate to the EnergyPlus-PBC directory.
You must alter the config.json file to hold the locations pointing towards your:
1) volttron home directory
2) the maximum number of zones that you would like to limit the PBC control
The suggested max number for peak shaving is half the available loads.
Allowing all the zones to run will correspond to uncoordinated control.
You must copy the buildings idf files you wish to simulate from the buildingIDF
directory into the test_buildings directory. The idf's in the test_buildings
directory currently correspond to a 50 building, 146 zone study.
For each new study, the buildings directory must be empty.
From here simply run python, and the simulation should commence.
It typically takes 20-30 minutes. Output can be found in the eplusout.eso and files.
Errors can be found in the volttron log or the eplusout.err files
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