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  1. 13 Dec, 2017 2 commits
  2. 22 Nov, 2017 1 commit
    • Philippe Pébaÿ's avatar
      Fixed issues with the computation of material interfaces in HTG · a4cc7836
      Philippe Pébaÿ authored
      This commit addresses to main issues:
      1. The AxisReflection was /adding/ modified arrays, as opposed to
         modifying in situ the interface arrays (vectors and intercepts).
         This had initially made on purpose with the intent of temporary
         retaining the original arrays for debugging purposes. However,
         this had been forgotten and left in place. As a result, interface
         computations after a reflection where incorrect. This bug was
         not revealing itself in the test harness so far as this combination
         (reflection + interface computations) was not exercised.
         As a result, this commit addresses the issue but also verifies
         this combination. Furthermore, the HTG source was modified in
         order to allow for the specification of intercepts arrays in
         the form that exercise this configuration.
      2. The Geometry extraction was not building material interfaces, as
         a result of some code having been leftover during the HTG-v2
         merger in VTK 8. This commit fixes this issue, and also adds
         a unit test to verify material extraction together with its
         corresponding non-regression image.
  3. 14 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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  9. 31 Oct, 2017 5 commits
  10. 29 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Philippe P. Pébaÿ's avatar
      Fixed a bug in the Moore supercursor · baef249b
      Philippe P. Pébaÿ authored
      The goal of this commit was to fix a bug that occurred only in
      the (f=2;d=3) case ("binary 3D"), and that had been caused
      by a typo in the MooreChildCursorToChildTable and
       MooreChildCursorToParentCursorTable tables: specifically,
      a "23" had been written instread of "32".
      In addition, two non-regression tests, as well as their baseline
      images, were added in order to validate this fix:
      (i) a geometry case which does not exercise the offending part of
      the code but that illustrates the case built to do it; and
      (ii) a contouring case that does exercise that part of the code,
      for it relies on the "32" section of the Moore supercursor tables.
  11. 26 Oct, 2017 1 commit
  12. 24 Oct, 2017 3 commits
  13. 20 Oct, 2017 2 commits
    • David Thompson's avatar
      Eliminate an uninitialized-use warning. · 75868ab3
      David Thompson authored
    • Ken Martin's avatar
      update openvr support to better handle events · eb6bf099
      Ken Martin authored
      Includes support for trackpad event data
      Fix for new steam vr version that adds many events causing
      delays in butten response.
      Fixes picking when using multisamples.
      Better hardware picking by starting at the center pick point
      and working out.
      New menthods in the menuwidget and rep to rename/remove menu items
      Remap next pose control to left trigger so as to not overload
      the grip buttons.
      Handle higlighting of picked lines and polylines better.
      Fix issues with the panel representation when it is called
      before the controllers have been loaded.
      Fix an issue when hardware line width was being forced by the
      render window to a different value.
      Better handling of pose for unloaded or untracked devices.
  14. 18 Oct, 2017 1 commit
  15. 16 Oct, 2017 2 commits
    • Sean McBride's avatar
      Implement viewWillMoveToWindow: and viewDidChangeBackingProperties for Retina · 86c8a394
      Sean McBride authored
      In them, call SetDPI on the vtkRenderWindow to scale things so that vtkTextActors have the correct apparent size, per the display's scaling factor.
      Updated both OpenGL2 and old OpenGL versions of the class.
    • Sean McBride's avatar
      Fixed numerous warnings from the new cppcheck 1.81 · 442381f5
      Sean McBride authored
      very strange braces!
      syntaxError,Common/DataModel/vtkHyperTreeGrid.cxx:699,error,syntax error
      changed size()>0 to !empty()
      stlSize,Filters/General/vtkLoopBooleanPolyDataFilter.cxx:1426,performance,Possible inefficient checking for 'nocellregion' emptiness.
      This useless flag has been there since code was added in 2000 in f50b0909
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Common/DataModel/vtkPointLocator.cxx:323,style,Condition 'flag' is always true
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Common/DataModel/vtkPointLocator.cxx:415,style,Condition 'flag' is always true
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Common/DataModel/vtkStaticPointLocator.cxx:788,style,Condition 'flag' is always true
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Common/DataModel/vtkStaticPointLocator.cxx:879,style,Condition 'flag' is always true
      This useless 'result' has been there since code was added in 2003 in dd39b9e4
      knownConditionTrueFalse,IO/XML/vtkXMLRectilinearGridReader.cxx:236,style,Condition 'result' is always true
      knownConditionTrueFalse,IO/XML/vtkXMLRectilinearGridReader.cxx:245,style,Condition 'result' is always true
      knownConditionTrueFalse,IO/XML/vtkXMLRectilinearGridReader.cxx:254,style,Condition 'result' is always true
      New check in cppcheck 1.81, block is indeed dead code:
      oppositeInnerCondition,Rendering/OpenGL/vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx:272,warning,Opposite inner 'if' condition leads to a dead code block.
      oppositeInnerCondition,Rendering/OpenGL/vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx:293,warning,Opposite inner 'if' condition leads to a dead code block.
      oppositeInnerCondition,Rendering/OpenGL/vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx:349,warning,Opposite inner 'if' condition leads to a dead code block.
      false positive, suppressed with zero initialization:
      uninitvar,Filters/Statistics/vtkKMeansStatistics.cxx:810,error,Uninitialized variable: curDistance
      uninitvar,Filters/Statistics/vtkKMeansStatistics.cxx:812,error,Uninitialized variable: curDistance
      free(NULL) is allowed, so just remove null check
      knownConditionTrueFalse,IO/Geometry/Testing/Cxx/TestIncrementalOctreePointLocator.cxx:920,style,Condition 'truthIds' is always false
      knownConditionTrueFalse,IO/Geometry/Testing/Cxx/TestIncrementalOctreePointLocator.cxx:956,style,Condition 'diskFile' is always false
      Simplified the calculation, verified same codegen on x86_64 with godbolt
      shiftTooManyBitsSigned,Rendering/Volume/vtkHAVSVolumeMapper.cxx:53,error,Shifting signed 32-bit value by 31 bits is undefined behaviour
      These have all been thus since their inception, but a global search find the same pattern in TestDijkstraGraphGeodesicPath.cxx, from which I copied the apparent solution
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Interaction/Widgets/Testing/Cxx/TestPolygonalRepresentationHandleWidget.cxx:119,style,Condition 'distanceOffsetSpecified' is always false
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Interaction/Widgets/Testing/Cxx/TestPolygonalRepresentationHandleWidget.cxx:199,style,Condition 'distanceOffsetSpecified' is always false
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Interaction/Widgets/Testing/Cxx/TestPolygonalSurfaceConstrainedDistanceWidget.cxx:244,style,Condition 'distanceOffsetSpecified' is always false
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Interaction/Widgets/Testing/Cxx/TestPolygonalSurfaceConstrainedDistanceWidget.cxx:325,style,Condition 'distanceOffsetSpecified' is always false
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Interaction/Widgets/Testing/Cxx/TestSurfaceConstrainedHandleWidget.cxx:117,style,Condition 'distanceOffsetSpecified' is always false
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Interaction/Widgets/Testing/Cxx/TestSurfaceConstrainedHandleWidget.cxx:189,style,Condition 'distanceOffsetSpecified' is always false
      Toggle with #if instead
      knownConditionTrueFalse,Imaging/Hybrid/vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter.cxx:300,style,Condition 'orientationPropagation' is always true
      Added parens
      clarifyCalculation,Common/DataModel/vtkLagrangeWedge.cxx:906,style,Clarify calculation precedence for '/' and '?'.
  16. 14 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • David Thompson's avatar
      Fix some dashboard issues. · 1b0571a5
      David Thompson authored
      + Skip tests where the render window is generating images the wrong size.
      + Use stupid parentheses to make cppcheck happy.
  17. 12 Oct, 2017 2 commits
  18. 11 Oct, 2017 4 commits
  19. 10 Oct, 2017 1 commit
  20. 06 Oct, 2017 1 commit
  21. 05 Oct, 2017 2 commits
    • Sean McBride's avatar
      Improved performance of vtkLookupTable a bit · 30acb904
      Sean McBride authored
      Did a few things to speed things up:
      - eliminated some double<->integer conversions.
      - repeated the last colour in the lut as a 4th "special" colour, eliminating need for a test in very hot function. Improved shift & scale calculations against pathological cases.
      - use memcpy() (with fixed size) instead of manual copying byte by byte. Modern compilers optimize this well, as verified with godbolt.
      Did some other cleanup while investigating my performance issues: added more const safety, fixed comments, etc.
    • David Thompson's avatar
      Fix cppcheck warnings. · ad703cca
      David Thompson authored