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  1. 22 Nov, 2017 2 commits
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      Modified non-regression test for interface reconstruction. · 62cf7516
      Philippe Pébaÿ authored
      This version of the test better corresponds to the intent of
      material interface reconstruction, in that a material mask is
      now explicitly specified. Non-regression image updated accordingly.
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      Fixed issues with the computation of material interfaces in HTG · a4cc7836
      Philippe Pébaÿ authored
      This commit addresses to main issues:
      1. The AxisReflection was /adding/ modified arrays, as opposed to
         modifying in situ the interface arrays (vectors and intercepts).
         This had initially made on purpose with the intent of temporary
         retaining the original arrays for debugging purposes. However,
         this had been forgotten and left in place. As a result, interface
         computations after a reflection where incorrect. This bug was
         not revealing itself in the test harness so far as this combination
         (reflection + interface computations) was not exercised.
         As a result, this commit addresses the issue but also verifies
         this combination. Furthermore, the HTG source was modified in
         order to allow for the specification of intercepts arrays in
         the form that exercise this configuration.
      2. The Geometry extraction was not building material interfaces, as
         a result of some code having been leftover during the HTG-v2
         merger in VTK 8. This commit fixes this issue, and also adds
         a unit test to verify material extraction together with its
         corresponding non-regression image.
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