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  1. 10 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Joachim Pouderoux's avatar
      HTG modification to support only defined (has mat) level 0 cells. · 3218f2cc
      Joachim Pouderoux authored
      Change the HyperTreeGrid mechanisms to provide efficient storage of very
      large level 0 grids with only few cells defined. Instead of creating a
      full grid array, only defined cells (through MaterialMaskIndex array)
      are stored and processed.
      The source has been updated to take advantage of this new feature.
      Some optimizations and code simplification are also provided.
      Provide a new test TestHyperTreeGridTernary3DGeometryLargeMaterialBits
      to test the large grids management.
      Set 3: Fix tests, mainly fix CopyStructure.
      Change-Id: Iaab0afd7d13e66d9ab105c554a4d873ab59f1d35
  2. 05 Apr, 2013 2 commits
    • Joachim Pouderoux's avatar
      Add 2 new tests of HTG source creation from bit arrays. · c0b9e934
      Joachim Pouderoux authored
      Use the same baseline images than string versions.
      Change-Id: I06e7d3116c76b9417f5e14bc4238ca16ff0ed710
    • Joachim Pouderoux's avatar
      Added support for bit arrays instead of strings to create an HTGSource · 7931d817
      Joachim Pouderoux authored
      Also added two helpers methods to convert from strings to bitarrays
      ConvertDescriptorStringToBitArray() & ConvertMaterialMaskStringToBitArray().
      LevelZeroMaterialIndex lets the user provide the indices of the level zero
      cells which are visible (has material) in order to provide a more compact
      representation of tree with a very large number of cells at level 0 -
      for now, indices must be provided in kji mode. If LevelZeroMaterialIndex
      is provided, the level 0 descriptor should provide only the refinement
      of the visible cells in the same order as the one of
      the LevelZeroMaterialIndex array.
      Change-Id: I396fe2cb29d43d8320700147b7c05e0a3ebe17e0
  3. 01 Apr, 2013 6 commits
  4. 30 Mar, 2013 3 commits
    • David Gobbi's avatar
      Remove the vtkSetNGetMacro from vtkSetGet.h · f2d1b35b
      David Gobbi authored
      The original purpose of vtkSetNGetMacro was to make a "set/get" macro
      that could be used with classes that were not derived from vtkObjectBase
      (and that therefore could use vtkSetMacro and vtkGetMacro).  However,
      some developers were assuming that it was simply a shorthand that
      combined the vtkSetMacro and vtkGetMacro, but it does not call Modified
      as is required when setting properties of a vtkObjectBase-derived object.
      This macro was added after VTK 5.10 was released, so there should be no
      backward compatility problems with its removal.
      Change-Id: I5fe74fc52814ac6b7f6bc67f79d2880e2fd1d16a
    • Sebastien Jourdain's avatar
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'pvvtk/pv-master' into HEAD · aadd8c20
      Sebastien Jourdain authored
      Change-Id: Icd61aead89e97f0c77d785f02d0b3018fec9e3ae
    • Sebastien Jourdain's avatar
      Merge topic 'python-wrapping' into pv-master · 0045dabc
      Sebastien Jourdain authored
      40186a69 Merge remote-tracking branch 'pvvtk/pv-master' into HEAD
      812fd026 Merge topic 'vtkparse-missing-keyword' into master
      184b0933 Merge topic 'compare_trees' into master
      a1db9227 COMP: Add missing "using" keyword to the keyword rule.
      fb0df99d Merge topic 'fix-install-rule' into master
      edd7d524 Renamed to
      795abfb6 Merge topic 'multiline_text_spacing' into master
      1aa5a521 Correct multi-line text spacing.
      eaf536bc Merge topic 'doc-warnings' into master
      4b6070db Merge topic 'FixWarnings' into master
      0670d282 BUG: Fix a couple of warnings
      5253f73c COMP: Re-apply change 87cc4c63 to eliminate warnings.
      358d01b0 Merge topic 'remove-wrap-header' into master
      e2f1fa2b COMP: Remove the obsolete WRAP_HEADER property.
      04f2ca24 Merge topic 'python-recurse-include-dirs' into master
      264a4b5a Merge topic 'stdcall-pointer' into master
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