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    • Dave DeMarle's avatar
      Merge topic 'fix-failing-python-tests' into master · d52ede4d
      Dave DeMarle authored
      223af685 TEST-FIX: fixing vtkFiltersCorePython-TestTensorGlyph
      30f7f7a3 TEST-FIX: fixing  vtkFiltersCorePython-TestTextureGlyph
      b9b8c3b4 TEST-FIX: remove test. There is no such test in source
      9aeca5aa TEST-FIX: fixing  vtkRenderingOpenGLPython-TestFreetypeTextMapperBigger
      a868e87d Slice order is not a test. Instead it is a utlitiy used by other tests
      a0fbe6aa TEST-FIX: fixing vtkCommonComputationalGeometryPython-TestParametricFunctions
      ad727b9e TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingVolumePython-volTM3DRotateClip
      91d325fc TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingVolumePython-volTM3DCropRegions
      4b717e8f TEST-FIX: fixed  vtkRenderingVolumePython-volTM3DCompressedCropRegions
      e2985b4e TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingCorePython-TexturedSphere
      690eec5c TEST-FIX: fixed vtkRenderingCorePython-TestWindowToImageTransparency
      3b1ec2b3 Fixing compilation errors on test.
      5a612a78 TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingCorePython-TestGenericVertexAttributesGLSL
      e734cc45 TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingCorePython-TestMapperLUT
      b0213a5c TEST-FIX: fixing  vtkInteractionWidgetsPython-TestImagePlaneWidget.
      dfc3757f BUGFIX: Error in translation.
      7eaa42fe BUGFIX: fixing vtkCommonDataModelPython-TestConvexPointSet
      b7e31d91 BUGFIX: fixing test vtkCommonDataModelPython-TestQuadricClustering
      6e9efbb2 BUGFIX: umath is found in numpy.core.umath
      fb9a107c BUGFIX: fix test vtkCommonDataModelPython-TestNumericArrayImageData
    • Nikhil Shetty's avatar
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkFiltersCorePython-TestTensorGlyph · 223af685
      Nikhil Shetty authored
      Using add_test_python1() instead of add_test_python() since this test is
      independently checking against the image.
      Change-Id: I6dd8376a17eb27992cfd01456fca401da11ebbf4