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![VTK - The Visualization Toolkit](vtkBanner.gif)
VTK is an open-source software system for image processing, 3D
graphics, volume rendering and visualization. VTK includes many
advanced algorithms (e.g., surface reconstruction, implicit modelling,
decimation) and rendering techniques (e.g., hardware-accelerated
volume rendering, LOD control).
VTK is used by academicians for teaching and research; by government
research institutions such as Los Alamos National Lab in the US or
CINECA in Italy; and by many commercial firms who use VTK to build or
extend products.
The origin of VTK is with the textbook "The Visualization Toolkit, an
Object-Oriented Approach to 3D Graphics" originally published by
Prentice Hall and now published by Kitware, Inc. (Third Edition ISBN
1-930934-07-6). VTK has grown (since its initial release in 1994) to a
world-wide user base in the commercial, academic, and research
Learning Resources
* General information is available at the [VTK Homepage][].
* Community discussion takes place on the [VTK Mailing Lists][].
* Commercial [support][Kitware Support] and [training][Kitware Training]
are available from [Kitware][].
* Doxygen-generated nightly reference documentation is
available [online][Doxygen].
[VTK Homepage]:
[VTK Mailing Lists]:
[Kitware Support]:
[Kitware Training]:
Reporting Bugs
If you have found a bug:
1. If you have a patch, please read the [][] document.
2. Otherwise, please join the one of the [VTK Mailing Lists][] and ask
about the expected and observed behaviors to determine if it is
really a bug.
3. Finally, if the issue is not resolved by the above steps, open
an entry in the [VTK Issue Tracker][].
[VTK Issue Tracker]:
VTK is distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-clause License.
See [Copyright.txt][] for details.
[Copyright.txt]: Copyright.txt
See [][] for instructions to contribute.
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