Commit ebb265ce authored by Gunther H. Weber's avatar Gunther H. Weber
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Add missing VTKM_EXEC_CONT declarations to functor

parent 10ea36bb
......@@ -88,14 +88,14 @@ public:
Portal2Type ThisGlobalMeshIndex;
Portal3Type OtherGlobalMeshIndex;
vtkm::Id GetGlobalMeshIndex(vtkm::Id idx) const
VTKM_EXEC_CONT inline vtkm::Id GetGlobalMeshIndex(vtkm::Id idx) const
return vtkm::worklet::contourtree_augmented::IsThis(idx)
? this->ThisGlobalMeshIndex.Get(MaskedIndex(idx))
: this->OtherGlobalMeshIndex.Get(MaskedIndex(idx));
vtkm::Id operator()(vtkm::Id i) const
VTKM_EXEC_CONT vtkm::Id operator()(vtkm::Id i) const
vtkm::Id currGlobalIdx = this->GetGlobalMeshIndex(this->OverallSortOrderPortal.Get(i));
vtkm::Id nextGlobalIdx = this->GetGlobalMeshIndex(this->OverallSortOrderPortal.Get(i + 1));
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