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ENH: Dual grid API and fast iterator.

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......@@ -112,13 +112,23 @@
#include "vtkDataSet.h"
class vtkHyperOctreeLightWeightCursor;
class vtkHyperOctreeCursor;
class vtkHyperOctreeInternal;
class vtkHyperOctreePointsGrabber;
class vtkHyperOctreeIdSet; // Pimpl idiom
class vtkPolygon;
class vtkIntArray;
class vtkIdTypeArray;
class vtkPoints;
class vtkOrderedTriangulator;
class vtkDataSetAttributes;
class vtkLine;
class vtkPixel;
class vtkVoxel;
class vtkCellLinks;
class VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT vtkHyperOctree : public vtkDataSet
......@@ -233,7 +243,7 @@ public:
// the cell of an hyperoctree.
// \post result_exists: result!=0
vtkHyperOctreeCursor *NewCellCursor();
// Description:
// Subdivide node pointed by cursor, only if its a leaf.
// At the end, cursor points on the node that used to be leaf.
......@@ -435,6 +445,25 @@ public:
int level,
vtkHyperOctreePointsGrabber *grabber);
// Description:
// A generic way to set the leaf data attributes.
// This can be either point data for dual or cell data for normal grid.
vtkDataSetAttributes* GetLeafData();
// Description:
// Switch between returning leaves as cells, or the dual grid.
void SetDualGridFlag(int flag);
// Description:
// Return the actual size of the data in kilobytes. This number
// is valid only after the pipeline has updated. The memory size
// returned is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to the
// memory required to represent the data (e.g., extra space in
// arrays, etc. are not included in the return value). THIS METHOD
unsigned long GetActualMemorySize();
// Constructor with default bounds (0,1, 0,1, 0,1).
......@@ -448,13 +477,86 @@ protected:
double Origin[3]; // position of corner (0,0,0) of the root.
vtkHyperOctreeInternal *CellTree;
vtkHyperOctreeInternal *PointTree; // not used
vtkHyperOctreeCursor *TmpChild; // to avoid allocation in the loop
friend class vtkHyperOctreeLightWeightCursor;
// Initialize the arrays if necessary, then return it.
void UpdateDualArrays();
vtkPoints* GetLeafCenters();
vtkIntArray* GetCornerLeafIds();
vtkPoints *LeafCenters;
vtkIntArray *CornerLeafIds;
void UpdateGridArrays();
vtkPoints* GetCornerPoints();
vtkIdTypeArray* GetLeafCornerIds();
vtkPoints* CornerPoints;
vtkIdTypeArray* LeafCornerIds;
void DeleteInternalArrays();
void TraverseDualRecursively(vtkHyperOctreeLightWeightCursor* neighborhood,
unsigned short *xyzIds, int level);
void TraverseGridRecursively(vtkHyperOctreeLightWeightCursor* neighborhood,
unsigned char* visited,
double* origin, double* size);
void EvaluateDualCorner(vtkHyperOctreeLightWeightCursor* neighborhood);
vtkIdType EvaluateGridCorner(int level,vtkHyperOctreeLightWeightCursor* neighborhood,
unsigned char* visited, int* cornerNeighborIds);
// This is a table for traversing a neighborhood down an octree.
// 8 children x 27 cursors
// First three bits encode the child, rest encode the cursor id.
// 8xCursorId + childId.
// This will be shorter when we get rid of the 3x3x3 neighborhood.
unsigned char NeighborhoodTraversalTable[216];
void GenerateGridNeighborhoodTraversalTable();
void GenerateDualNeighborhoodTraversalTable();
// for the GetCell method
vtkLine *Line;
vtkPixel *Pixel;
vtkVoxel *Voxel;
vtkCellLinks* Links;
void vtkHyperOctree::BuildLinks();
// This toggles the data set API between the leaf cells and
// the dual grid (leaves are points, corners are cells).
int DualGridFlag;
vtkHyperOctree(const vtkHyperOctree&); // Not implemented.
void operator=(const vtkHyperOctree&); // Not implemented.
class VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT vtkHyperOctreeLightWeightCursor
void Initialize(vtkHyperOctree* tree);
void ToRoot();
void ToChild(int child);
unsigned short GetIsLeaf();
int GetLeafIndex() {return this->Index;} // Only valid for leaves.
vtkHyperOctree* GetTree() { return this->Tree; }
unsigned short GetLevel() {return this->Level;}
vtkHyperOctree* Tree;
int Index;
unsigned short IsLeaf;
unsigned short Level;
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