Commit 7a14ea0e authored by Gunther H. Weber's avatar Gunther H. Weber
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Use Float64 instead of FloatDefault in TreeCompiler

parent 96424c83
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ namespace contourtree_distributed
// Possibly change the following when comapring to PPP prototype
constexpr int PRINT_WIDTH = 12;
using dataType = vtkm::FloatDefault;
using dataType = vtkm::Float64;
using indexType = vtkm::Id;
// small class for storing the contour arcs
......@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ inline void TreeCompiler::AddHierarchicalTree(const vtkm::cont::DataSet& addedTr
{ // TreeCompiler::AddHierarchicalTree()
// Copy relevant tree content to STL arrays
vtkm::cont::UnknownArrayHandle dataValues_array = addedTree.GetField("DataValues").GetData();
std::vector<vtkm::FloatDefault> dataValues(dataValues_array.GetNumberOfValues());
std::vector<vtkm::Float64> dataValues(dataValues_array.GetNumberOfValues());
auto dataValues_handle = vtkm::cont::make_ArrayHandle(dataValues, vtkm::CopyFlag::Off);
vtkm::cont::ArrayCopy(dataValues_array, dataValues_handle);
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