Commit 0d3d03b2 authored by Larsen, Matthew's avatar Larsen, Matthew Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic 'init_ray_status_release' into release


 add status init to rays
Acked-by: default avatarKitware Robot <>
Merge-request: !2486
parents 19c1b99f c5cf8186
......@@ -777,6 +777,10 @@ VTKM_CONT void Camera::CreateRaysImpl(Ray<Precision>& rays, const vtkm::Bounds b
vtkm::cont::ArrayHandleConstant<Precision> inf(infinity, rays.NumRays);
vtkm::cont::Algorithm::Copy(inf, rays.MaxDistance);
vtkm::cont::ArrayHandleConstant<vtkm::UInt8> status_active(RAY_ACTIVE, rays.NumRays);
vtkm::cont::Algorithm::Copy(status_active, rays.Status);
vtkm::cont::ArrayHandleConstant<Precision> zero(0, rays.NumRays);
vtkm::cont::Algorithm::Copy(zero, rays.MinDistance);
vtkm::cont::Algorithm::Copy(zero, rays.Distance);
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