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    Fixed a bug in the Moore supercursor · baef249b
    Philippe P. Pébaÿ authored
    The goal of this commit was to fix a bug that occurred only in
    the (f=2;d=3) case ("binary 3D"), and that had been caused
    by a typo in the MooreChildCursorToChildTable and
     MooreChildCursorToParentCursorTable tables: specifically,
    a "23" had been written instread of "32".
    In addition, two non-regression tests, as well as their baseline
    images, were added in order to validate this fix:
    (i) a geometry case which does not exercise the offending part of
    the code but that illustrates the case built to do it; and
    (ii) a contouring case that does exercise that part of the code,
    for it relies on the "32" section of the Moore supercursor tables.