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    Do not assume CUDA reduce operator is unary · a7100c84
    Kenneth Moreland authored
    The `Reduce` algorithm is sometimes used to convert an input type to a
    different output type. For example, you can compute the min and max at
    the same time by making the output of the binary functor a pair of the
    input type. However, for this to work with the CUDA algorithm, you have
    to be able to also convert the input type to the output type. This was
    previously done by treating the binary operator as also a unary
    operator. That's fine for custom operators, but if you are using
    something like `thrust::plus`, it has no unary operation. (Why would
    So, detect whether the operator has a unary operation. If it does, use
    it to cast from the input portal to the output type. If it does not,
    just use `static_cast`. Thus, the operator only has to have the unary
    operation if `static_cast` does not work.