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    Optimize HTG for large & sparse level 0 grids. · 34d55b7f
    Joachim Pouderoux authored
    - Replace the vtkCollection which has a find access in O(N) by a std::map.
    - Add vtkHyperTreeIterator to avoid browsing every potential tree of
    level 0 grid. Only available trees are now browsed.
    - Add a TimeStamp to avoid unnecessary calls to the costly
    Those 3 changes really improve the computation time for building the HTG
    but also for computing the dual and all the filters
    (AxisCut, Geometry & ToUnstructuredGrid).
    Also add points for each cell in the tree, not only for leaf, even if
    only leaf points are used to construct the dual and thus referenced by
    some cells.
    Change-Id: Ie954fdc8860a55d0de9c23097b0662a2d2123550