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  1. 23 Jan, 2022 1 commit
    • Carlos Galvez's avatar
      [clang-tidy] Remove gsl::at suggestion from cppcoreguidelines-pro-bounds-constant-array-index · eb3f20e8
      Carlos Galvez authored
      Currently the fix hint is hardcoded to gsl::at(). This poses
      a problem for people who, for a number of reasons, don't want
      or cannot use the GSL library (introducing a new third-party
      dependency into a project is not a minor task).
      In these situations, the fix hint does more harm than good
      as it creates confusion as to what the fix should be. People
      can even misinterpret the fix "gsl::at" as e.g. "std::array::at",
      which can lead to even more trouble (e.g. when having guidelines
      that disallow exceptions).
      Furthermore, this is not a requirement from the C++ Core Guidelines.
      simply that array indexing needs to be safe. Each project should
      be able to decide upon a strategy for safe indexing.
      The fix-it is kept for people who want to use the GSL library.
      Differential Revision:
  2. 11 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Dmitri Gribenko's avatar
      [ClangTidy] Separate tests for infrastructure and checkers · 885c5593
      Dmitri Gribenko authored
      This change moves tests for checkers and infrastructure into separate
      directories, making it easier to find infrastructure tests. Tests for
      checkers are already easy to find because they are named after the
      checker. Tests for infrastructure were difficult to find because they
      were outnumbered by tests for checkers. Now they are in a separate
      Reviewers: jfb, jdoerfert, lebedev.ri
      Subscribers: srhines, nemanjai, aheejin, kbarton, christof, mgrang, arphaman, jfb, lebedev.ri, cfe-commits
      Tags: #clang
      Differential Revision:
      llvm-svn: 374540
  3. 20 May, 2019 1 commit
    • Dmitri Gribenko's avatar
      Run ClangTidy tests in all C++ language modes · cb18647b
      Dmitri Gribenko authored
      I inspected every test and did one of the following:
      - changed the test to run in all language modes,
      - added a comment explaining why the test is only applicable in a
        certain mode,
      - limited the test to language modes where it passes and added a FIXME
        to fix the checker or the test.
      Reviewers: alexfh, lebedev.ri
      Subscribers: nemanjai, kbarton, arphaman, jdoerfert, lebedev.ri, cfe-commits
      Tags: #clang
      Differential Revision:
      llvm-svn: 361131
  4. 13 Dec, 2015 2 commits