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      Remove clang::ast_type_traits namespace in favor of clang · cd625114
      Reid Kleckner authored
      DynTypedNode and ASTNodeKind are implemented as part of the clang AST
      library, which uses the main clang namespace. There doesn't seem to be a
      need for this extra level of namespacing.
      I left behind aliases in the ast_type_traits namespace for out of tree
      clients of these APIs. To provide aliases for the enumerators, I used
      this pattern:
        namespace ast_type_traits {
        constexpr TraversalKind TK_AsIs = ::clang::TK_AsIs;
      I think the typedefs will be useful for migration, but we might be able
      to drop these enumerator aliases.
      Reviewed By: aaron.ballman
      Differential Revision:
  4. 19 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Update the file headers across all of the LLVM projects in the monorepo · 2946cd70
      Chandler Carruth authored
      to reflect the new license.
      We understand that people may be surprised that we're moving the header
      entirely to discuss the new license. We checked this carefully with the
      Foundation's lawyer and we believe this is the correct approach.
      Essentially, all code in the project is now made available by the LLVM
      project under our new license, so you will see that the license headers
      include that license only. Some of our contributors have contributed
      code under our old license, and accordingly, we have retained a copy of
      our old license notice in the top-level files in each project and
      llvm-svn: 351636
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    • Alex Lorenz's avatar
      [clang-diff] Add initial implementation · a75b2cac
      Alex Lorenz authored
      This is the first commit for the "Clang-based C/C++ diff tool" GSoC project.
      ASTDiff is a new library that computes a structural AST diff between two ASTs
      using the gumtree algorithm. Clang-diff is a new Clang tool that will show
      the structural code changes between different ASTs.
      Patch by Johannes Altmanninger!
      Differential Revision:
      llvm-svn: 308731