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  1. 22 Jan, 2022 10 commits
    • Dave Lee's avatar
      [lldb] Allow aliases to aliases of raw input commands · b9515041
      Dave Lee authored
      Allow users to create aliases for aliases to raw input commands. That probably
      sounds convoluted, so here's an example:
      command alias some-setup env SOMEVAR=SOMEVALUE
      This an alias based on `env`, which itself is an alias for `_regex-env`.
      `_regex-env` is a `command regex` command, which takes raw input.
      The above `some-setup` alias fails with:
      error: Unable to create requested alias.
      This change allows such aliases to be created. lldb already supports aliases to
      aliases for parsed commands.
      Differential Revision:
    • Peter Klausler's avatar
      [flang] Fix crash from USE-associated defined I/O subprograms · 3726626a
      Peter Klausler authored
      User-defined derived type I/O implementation subroutines and
      generic interfaces may be USE-associated, but the code that builds
      the type description table wasn't allowing for that possibility.
      Add a call to GetUltimate() to cope.
      Differential Revision:
    • Julian Lettner's avatar
      [TSan] Omit vfork interceptor iOS simulator runtime · db07e082
      Julian Lettner authored
      `_vfork` moved from libsystem_kernel.dylib to libsystem_c.dylib as part
      of the below changes.  The iOS simulator does not actually have
      libsystem_kernel.dylib of its own, it only has the host Mac's.  The
      umbrella-nature of Libsystem makes this movement transparent to
      everyone; except the simulator! So when we "back deploy", i.e., use the
      current version of TSan with an older simulator runtime then this symbol
      is now missing, when we run on the latest OS (but an older simulator
      Note we use `SANITIZER_IOS` because usage of vfork is forbidden on iOS
      and the API is completely unavailable on watchOS and tvOS, even if this
      problem is specific to the iOS simulator.
      Caused by:
      rdar://74818691 (Shim vfork() to fork syscall on iOS)
      rdar://76762076 (Shim vfork() to fork syscall on macOS)
      Radar-Id: rdar://8634734
    • Peter Klausler's avatar
      [flang] Fix repeated "DT" editing · 04eb93b1
      Peter Klausler authored
      User-defined derived type editing in formatted I/O wasn't
      working with repeat counts; e.g., "2DT(10)".  The solution required
      some code to be moved from GetNextDataEdit() to CueUpNextDataEdit() so
      that a stack entry for a nonparenthesized repeated data edit
      descriptor would work correctly -- all other data edit descriptors
      are capable of dealing with repetition in their callees, so the bug
      hadn't been exposed before.
      Debugging this problem led to some improvements in error messages
      for bad format strings, and those changes have been retained; also,
      a dead member function was discovered and expunged.
      Differential Revision:
    • Fangrui Song's avatar
      [XRay][test] Clean up llc RUN lines · e6cdef18
      Fangrui Song authored
    • Petr Hosek's avatar
      [CMake] Passthrough OSX CMake options to builtins and runtimes · 9cddfe30
      Petr Hosek authored
      When using the default target, there's no other way to pass these
      into the builtins and runtimes subbuilds.
      Differential Revision:
    • Joe Loser's avatar
      [libc++][test] Add const and reference tests for enable_view. NFC. · 4f547ee8
      Joe Loser authored
      As discussed in, there is missing test coverage
      for the behavior of `enable_view` when given a const or reference qualified
      type. Add such tests showing the current behavior.
      Differential Revision:
    • Chris Bieneman's avatar
      [split-file] Respect input file's line endings · 13fa17db
      Chris Bieneman authored
      This change adds support for split-file to respect the line ending style
      of the input file. This enables split-file to work as expected on
      Windows with input files containing CRLF line endings.
      The test files added along with this change mirror the existing basic
      tests, but are forced to contain CRLF line endings via git attributes.
      This will result in the tests always containing CRLF line endings when
      checked out regardless of the user's OS.
      Reviewed By: MaskRay
      Differential Revision:
    • not-jenni's avatar
      [mlir][tosa] Add clamp + clamp as single clamp canonicalization · 08574ce4
      not-jenni authored
      When 2 clamp ops are in a row, they can be canonicalized into a single clamp
      that uses the most constrained range
      Reviewed By: rsuderman
      Differential Revision:
    • Mitch Phillips's avatar
      NFC (build fix): Add header for llvm::errs(). · 1613f8b8
      Mitch Phillips authored
      Looks like e9211e03 unfortunately broke the sanitizer build bots,
      because those bots compile the symbolizer with DLLVM_ENABLE_THREADS=Off.
      Likely, before the patch, this header was transitively included.
  2. 21 Jan, 2022 30 commits