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      [clang-tidy] Add 'readability-suspicious-call-argument' check · 73e4b5cf
      Whisperity authored
      Finds function calls where the call arguments might be provided in an
      incorrect order, based on the comparison (via string metrics) of the
      parameter names and the argument names against each other.
      A diagnostic is emitted if an argument name is similar to a *different*
      parameter than the one currently passed to, and it is sufficiently
      dissimilar to the one it **is** passed to currently.
      False-positive warnings from this check are useful to indicate bad
      naming convention issues, even if a swap isn't necessary.
      This check does not generate FixIts.
      Originally implemented by @varjujan as his Master's Thesis work.
      The check was subsequently taken over by @barancsuk who added type
      conformity checks to silence false positive matches.
      The work by @whisperity involved driving the check's review and fixing
      some more bugs in the process.
      Reviewed By: aaron.ballman, alexfh
      Differential Revision:
      Co-authored-by: default avatarJános Varjú <>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarLilla Barancsuk <>