Commit fa90fc6e authored by Kazu Hirata's avatar Kazu Hirata
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[Sema] Fix a bugprone argument comment (NFC)

Identified with bugprone-argument-comment.
parent 47d7e922
......@@ -5355,7 +5355,7 @@ static bool isAtLeastAsSpecializedAs(Sema &S, QualType T1, QualType T2,
bool AtLeastAsSpecialized;
S.runWithSufficientStackSpace(Info.getLocation(), [&] {
AtLeastAsSpecialized = !FinishTemplateArgumentDeduction(
S, P2, /*PartialOrdering=*/true,
S, P2, /*IsPartialOrdering=*/true,
Deduced, Info);
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