Commit 20d46fbd authored by Simon Pilgrim's avatar Simon Pilgrim
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[CodeGenPrepare] Use dyn_cast result to check for null pointers

Simplifies logic and helps the static analyzer correctly check for nullptr dereferences
parent ff05b93a
......@@ -4168,11 +4168,11 @@ bool TypePromotionHelper::canGetThrough(const Instruction *Inst,
// We can get through binary operator, if it is legal. In other words, the
// binary operator must have a nuw or nsw flag.
const BinaryOperator *BinOp = dyn_cast<BinaryOperator>(Inst);
if (isa_and_nonnull<OverflowingBinaryOperator>(BinOp) &&
((!IsSExt && BinOp->hasNoUnsignedWrap()) ||
(IsSExt && BinOp->hasNoSignedWrap())))
return true;
if (const auto *BinOp = dyn_cast<BinaryOperator>(Inst))
if (isa<OverflowingBinaryOperator>(BinOp) &&
((!IsSExt && BinOp->hasNoUnsignedWrap()) ||
(IsSExt && BinOp->hasNoSignedWrap())))
return true;
// ext(and(opnd, cst)) --> and(ext(opnd), ext(cst))
if ((Inst->getOpcode() == Instruction::And ||
......@@ -4181,10 +4181,10 @@ bool TypePromotionHelper::canGetThrough(const Instruction *Inst,
// ext(xor(opnd, cst)) --> xor(ext(opnd), ext(cst))
if (Inst->getOpcode() == Instruction::Xor) {
const ConstantInt *Cst = dyn_cast<ConstantInt>(Inst->getOperand(1));
// Make sure it is not a NOT.
if (Cst && !Cst->getValue().isAllOnes())
return true;
if (const auto *Cst = dyn_cast<ConstantInt>(Inst->getOperand(1)))
if (!Cst->getValue().isAllOnes())
return true;
// zext(shrl(opnd, cst)) --> shrl(zext(opnd), zext(cst))
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