Commit 0e039afa authored by Kim, Jungwon's avatar Kim, Jungwon
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removed stdc++ from cmake test

parent 57f9b44b
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ endmacro(papyruskv_test)
macro(papyruskv_test_fortran arg)
add_executable(kv.${arg} ${arg}.f90)
target_link_libraries(kv.${arg} papyruskv pthread stdc++)
target_link_libraries(kv.${arg} papyruskv pthread)
add_test(kv.${arg} ${MPIEXEC} ${MPIEXEC_NUMPROC_FLAG} 4 ./kv.${arg})
set_tests_properties(kv.${arg} PROPERTIES FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION "FAILED")
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