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......@@ -10,6 +10,33 @@ Kernel locations
Each kernels are grouped per its component. For example, all atmospheric kernels will reside under "atm" directory. You can find directories for each component at root directory.
How to use git-lfs to prevent using unnecessary large files
A few usage are introduced below. You can find further explanation on using git-lfs at "".
Configure skipping LFS tracked files::
>>> git lfs install --skip-smudge
Clone this repository::
>>> git clone
Pull single LFS tracked file::
>>> kernels/atm/micro_mg_get_clols2
>>> git lfs pull --include=micro_mg_get_cols2_0.100.0.1.dat
Pull multiple LFS tracked files::
>>> kernels/atm/micro_mg_get_clols2
>>> git lfs pull --include=micro_mg_get_cols2*
Pull all LFS tracked files in this repository::
>>> kernels
>>> git lfs pull
How to use the kernels
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