Commit a42facb9 authored by Mukherjee, Debangshu's avatar Mukherjee, Debangshu
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Changed two dunctions to numexpress

parent c86a6ccd
......@@ -4,19 +4,20 @@ import numpy as np
import numba
import warnings
import stemtool as st
import numexpr as ne
import pyfftw.interfaces.numpy_fft as pfft
def cart2pol(xx, yy):
rho = ((xx ** 2) + (yy ** 2)) ** 0.5
phi = np.arctan2(yy, xx)
return rho, phi
def cart2pol(x, y):
rho = ne.evaluate("((x**2) + (y**2)) ** 0.5")
phi = ne.evaluate("arctan2(y, x)")
return (rho, phi)
def pol2cart(rho, phi):
x = np.multiply(rho, np.cos(phi))
y = np.multiply(rho, np.sin(phi))
return x, y
x = ne.evaluate("rho * cos(phi)")
y = ne.evaluate("rho * sin(phi)")
return (x, y)
def angle_fun(angle, rho_dpc, phi_dpc):
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