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Add a few comments

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......@@ -495,6 +495,12 @@ class Plugin(arcclasses.Plugin):
return text
'''Loop through assosciated message IDs and remove their text from this
message. This might be able to be done earlier by just filtering out the
latest id when inserting the message, but determining which message id
is the right one in a reply is tough because no one follows the standard.
It's safer to simply place all the text first and remove it later if
def stripReplies(self,message,text):
ids = message.get("References")
if ids:
......@@ -561,6 +567,10 @@ class Plugin(arcclasses.Plugin):
return text
'''This excises all of the tags and spaces to normalise the text. then
it hashes chunks of the text to find collisions. Regions of collisions
are excised leaving any tags or spaces in that region. When the document
is reconstructed, there will be many empty tags and repeating spaces.'''
def stripDuplicate(self, text):
num = self.widget.dupStrength.value()
globs = {}
......@@ -569,7 +579,7 @@ class Plugin(arcclasses.Plugin):
tags = re.findall(r'(?s)\s*<.+?>\s*',body)
# Replace tags
stripped = re.sub(r'(?s)\s*<.+?>\s*',chr(24),body)
# Replace
# Replace non-breaking spaces
stripped = re.sub('\xa0',' ',stripped)
stripped = re.sub(r'&nbsp;',' ',stripped)
# Uncomment these two file sections to output stripped to files
......@@ -606,8 +616,9 @@ class Plugin(arcclasses.Plugin):
# len(globs[hsh])+1)
# print("globbed")
# Chains are the overlapping composites of all ranges
chains = []
ranges = []
for d in globs:
......@@ -644,10 +655,14 @@ class Plugin(arcclasses.Plugin):
stripped = head + chr(24)*tagsRemoved + tail
# print("excised")
# Replace spaces and tags at their markers
for s in spaces:
stripped = stripped.replace(' ',s,1)
for t in tags:
stripped = stripped.replace(chr(24),t,1)
# print("replaced")
# Should remove any headers for empty sections here if
# we're supposed to add headers.
return container[0] + stripped + container[1]
\ No newline at end of file
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