1. 09 Mar, 2018 3 commits
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      LEX-0.1-beta · b6958ea4
      Kennedy, Joseph H authored
      A beta version of the LIVVkit Extensions repository to demonstrate our
      extensions functionality. It lincludes the CESM Greenland analyses for
      cloud cover, energy balance, and surface mass balance, as well the
      CISM-Albany dynamics analyses, which will be documented in the Evans et
      al. (2018) LIVVkit validation paper.
      This pre-release:
        Makes the Zwally basin numbers easier to see
        Fixes rhea setup script to not cause a logout
        Fixes bad regridding in dynamics extension
        Removes the CESM2 table from energy extension
        Fixes the yearly cylce plots (were only showing out to 10 months)
        Clean up some whitespace in the energy extension
        Include the CISM-Albany dynamics extension
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      Make zwally basin numbers easier to see · e788d578
      Kennedy, Joseph H authored
      The black color for the numbers blends into the background too easily
      and makes the numbers hard to see. However:
      * white blends into basin 1 and is the same as the icebridge transects
      * yellow works well, but is the same as some of core sites, which also
        needs to contrast well
      Best option I could find was blaze orange.
      Fixes #16
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      Fix rhea setup script to not cause a logout · cafbb94c
      Kennedy, Joseph H authored
      Problem was because `set -eu` was sourced in the git-lfs install script,
      but conda's activate and deactivate scripts don't play will with
      `set -eu`. Instead, this script is called in a bash subshell.
      Also, some cleanup of the bash script.
      Fixes #12
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      SMB Data updates · 469e1300
      Kennedy, Joseph H authored
      This commit reorganzes the SMB data directory to better reflect the data
      sources, adds necessary provenance and metadata, and indicates rehost
      permission. For datasets we're not able to rehost, we've indicated how
      to aquire and where to place the data, as well as provided a .gitignore
      to prevent accidental checking in of this data
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