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A first release candidate of the LIVVkit Extensions repository to
demonstrate our extensions functionality. It lincludes the CESM Greenland analyses for
cloud cover, energy balance, and surface mass balance, as well the
CISM-Albany dynamics analyses, which will be documented in the Evans et
al. (2018) LIVVkit validation paper.

This relase candidate:
  Provides basic documentation
  All required data to run on any machine
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......@@ -2,6 +2,11 @@
"energy_cesm" : {
"module" : "energy/",
"references" : "energy/energy_cesm.bib",
"cesm_atm_climos": "data/cesm/atm",
"cesm_lnd_climos": "data/cesm/lnd",
"cesm_glc_climos": "data/cesm/glc",
"cism_data": "data/cism/glissade",
"racmo_data": "data/racmo",
"image_height" : 300
......@@ -75,8 +75,8 @@ def run(name, config):
element_list = []
cesm_aavg = cesm_rad.calculate_area_weighted_averages()
racmo_aavg = racmo_rad.calculate_area_weighted_averages()
cesm_aavg = cesm_rad.calculate_area_weighted_averages(config)
racmo_aavg = racmo_rad.calculate_area_weighted_averages(config)
cesm_aavg_title = """Area weighted averages of CESM's energy balance variables."""
racmo_aavg_title = """Area weighted averages of RACMO's energy balance variables."""
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