Commit 33fdabf0 authored by Evans, Katherine's avatar Evans, Katherine
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change cesm to model in file names to be more generic, point to them in energy file

parent 28f9945c
......@@ -40,18 +40,18 @@ from livvkit.util import functions as fn
with fn.temp_sys_path(os.path.dirname(__file__)):
import energy.utils as utils
import energy.cesm_racmo23_albedo as cesm_albedo
import energy.cesm_racmo23_latf as cesm_latf
import energy.cesm_racmo23_lwsd as cesm_lwsd
import energy.cesm_racmo23_lwsn as cesm_lwsn
import energy.cesm_racmo23_rnet as cesm_rnet
import energy.cesm_racmo23_senf as cesm_senf
import energy.cesm_racmo23_smb as cesm_smb
import energy.cesm_racmo23_swsd as cesm_swsd
import energy.cesm_racmo23_swsn as cesm_swsn
import energy.cesm_racmo23_t2m_ann as t2m_ann
import energy.cesm_racmo23_t2m_djf as t2m_djf
import energy.cesm_racmo23_t2m_jja as t2m_jja
import energy.model_racmo23_albedo as cesm_albedo
import energy.model_racmo23_latf as cesm_latf
import energy.model_racmo23_lwsd as cesm_lwsd
import energy.model_racmo23_lwsn as cesm_lwsn
import energy.model_racmo23_rnet as cesm_rnet
import energy.model_racmo23_senf as cesm_senf
import energy.model_racmo23_smb as cesm_smb
import energy.model_racmo23_swsd as cesm_swsd
import energy.model_racmo23_swsn as cesm_swsn
import energy.model_racmo23_t2m_ann as t2m_ann
import energy.model_racmo23_t2m_djf as t2m_djf
import energy.model_racmo23_t2m_jja as t2m_jja
import energy.rad_aavg_model as cesm_rad
import energy.rad_aavg_racmo as racmo_rad
import energy.timeseries_trefht as ts_trefht
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