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Better comments for yaml file

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log_name: out
log_name: out #name of your outfile for this code
dropoff: 20 #minutes since last status change to no longer find log
port: 8086
root_dir: /your/calculation/root/dir
user_name: your id
host: #influxdb host
port: 8086 #influxdb port
root_dir: /your/calculation/root/dir #top of your calculation tree
user_name: your id #your user id
job_prefix: 'espresso' #generally the code
job_suffix: 'condo' #generally the server
influx: True
start: 'PWSCF.*starts'
'tcpu': 0
'Parallel version (MPI), running on 640 processors': [[6, 'nproc']]
influx: True #we're using influxdb here
start: 'PWSCF.*starts' #what to match to now a calculation is starting
init: #measurements that want a first tick
'tcpu': 0 #startup tick value for tcpu
header: #these are header matches, we expect them once per run
'Parallel version (MPI), running on': [[6, 'nproc']]
'K-points.*npool': [[5, 'kpar']]
'number of k points': [[5, 'kpoints']]
'number of atoms/cell': [[5, 'natoms']]
'number of Kohn-Sham states': [[5, 'nstates']]
parse: #these are recurring measurments
# regex: column, tick_name
'total cpu time spent': [[9, 'tcpu']]
'total energy': [[4, 'toten']]
'estimated': [[5, 'eacc']]
'Total force': [[4, 'tforce']]
finish: #this is matched when the job finishes neatly
idle_count: 30
find_sleep: 60
idle_count: 30 #how many times a log can be idle before it is dropped
find_sleep: 60 #time between idle checks.
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