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    • Jean-Philippe Evrard's avatar
      Use stable kind-action · 247e6f6c
      Jean-Philippe Evrard authored
      We are relying on master, which might break anytime (or in this
      case, moved to another branch).
      Instead we should rely on a stable version, and unfreeze if
      necessary. Dependabot helps us maintain those releases anyway.
  7. 21 Apr, 2021 5 commits
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  10. 13 Apr, 2021 5 commits
    • Jean-Philippe Evrard's avatar
      Reduce false positives in chart testing · 83415d0e
      Jean-Philippe Evrard authored
      Without this change, the "Test helm chart (install) action" will
      rightfully succeed when our helm chart gets installed and has
      no syntax issues. However, it doesn't test if kured is properly
      installed. For example, the helm chart can try to install a
      yet unpublished image, and our test will succeed, as the syntax
      is still valid.
      This is a problem, as everything looks green, but it's not
      effectively working. Our other jobs are focusing on code changes,
      so they rightfully override the image tag, which is not what
      we want in this "Test helm chart" action.
      This fixes it by adding an extra job in the workflow, depending
      on the chart testing.
    • Jean-Philippe Evrard's avatar
      Merge pull request #341 from cnmcavoy/cnmcavoy/force-reboot-timeout · 8046977d
      Jean-Philippe Evrard authored
      Add force-reboot after force-timeout duration has been exceeded
    • Jean-Philippe Evrard's avatar
      Add prometheus export metrics functional testing · 240a6697
      Jean-Philippe Evrard authored
      Without this, we can't know if the exposed prometheus metrics
      behave properly.
      This is a problem, as the only way we can evaluate the success
      (right now), is a compilation success or failure from kured.
      While this is a good start, it doesn't translate to what we
      claim to offer: A boolean showing if a reboot is required.
      This fixes it by creating a new github action workflow testing
      if the float64 gauge is properly showing 0 for no reboot, 1 for reboot.
      This is done by exposing the metrics endpoint through a node port.
      A helm chart change was required to have the ability to expose
      the service on a node port. We connect to the kind node through
      docker in the `tests/`, where we curl the nodeport,
      extract the only relevant metric, and compare it to the expected result.
    • Steffen Pingel's avatar
      Add parameter for delaying release of lock · f7b3de36
      Steffen Pingel authored
      This support throtteling of reboots across the cluster
      and allows rebooted nodes to reschedule pods, e.g.
      to synchronize replicated state before rebooting the next node.
    • Jean-Philippe Evrard's avatar
      Merge pull request #342 from jackfrancis/retry-daemonset-get · 4c4508a5
      Jean-Philippe Evrard authored
      chore: retry daemonset get operations
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