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Auto-publish helm chart on master change
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name: Publish release
name: Publish helm chart
types: published
- "master"
- "charts/**"
name: Publish our chart
name: Publish latest chart
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actions/checkout@v2
......@@ -119,19 +119,6 @@ Then docker push the image. In the future, that might be automatically
done when creating a tag on the repository, with the help of github
### Prepare Helm chart
You should also check that the helm chart has been updated before issuing
a release. You can bump the helm chart with the latest image
tag by running:
make DH_ORG="weaveworks" VERSION="1.3.0" helm-chart
Finally bump the `version` in `charts/kured/Chart.yaml` (following
the versioning rules) and you should be all set.
### Create the combined manifest
......@@ -149,10 +136,22 @@ cat kured-ds.yaml >> "$MANIFEST"
Now you can head to the Github UI, use the version number as tag and upload the
`kured-<release>-dockerhub.yaml` file.
The creation of the release will publish the helm chart (thanks to github actions).
Please describe what's new and noteworthy in the release notes, list the PRs
that landed and give a shout-out to everyone who contributed.
Please also note down on which releases the upcoming `kured` release was
tested on. (Check old release notes if you're unsure.)
### Update the Helm chart
You can automatically bump the helm chart's application version
with the latest image tag by running:
make DH_ORG="weaveworks" VERSION="1.3.0" helm-chart
A change in the helm chart requires a bump of the `version`
in `charts/kured/Chart.yaml` (following the versioning rules).
Update it, and issue a PR. Upon merge, that PR will automatically
publish the chart to the gh-pages branch.
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