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doc: some clarification of release-docs
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......@@ -187,19 +187,12 @@ Check that `README.md` has an updated compatibility matrix and that the
url in the `kubectl` incantation (under "Installation") is updated to the
new version you want to release.
### Create a tag on the repo and publish the image
### Create a tag on the repo
Before going further, we should freeze the code for a release, by
tagging the code, and publishing its immutable artifact: the kured
docker image.
tagging the code. The Github-Action should start a new job and push
the new image to the registry.
make DH_ORG="weaveworks" VERSION="1.3.0" image
Then docker push the image. In the future, that might be automatically
done when creating a tag on the repository, with the help of github
### Create the combined manifest
......@@ -237,3 +230,6 @@ A change in the helm chart requires a bump of the `version`
in `charts/kured/Chart.yaml` (following the versioning rules).
Update it, and issue a PR. Upon merge, that PR will automatically
publish the chart to the gh-pages branch.
When there are open helm-chart PRs which are on hold until the helm-chart has been updated
with the new kured version, they can be merged now (unless a rebase is needed from the contributor).
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