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......@@ -3,13 +3,15 @@ module github.com/weaveworks/kured
go 1.13
require (
github.com/googleapis/gnostic v0.2.0 // indirect
github.com/inconshreveable/mousetrap v1.0.0 // indirect
github.com/jessevdk/go-flags v1.4.0 // indirect
github.com/prometheus/client_golang v0.0.0-20181230203121-fb3d5cb2ad57
github.com/prometheus/common v0.0.0-20181218105931-67670fe90761
github.com/prometheus/procfs v0.0.0-20190102135031-14fa7590c24d // indirect
github.com/sirupsen/logrus v1.2.0
github.com/spf13/cobra v0.0.0-20181127133106-d2d81d9a96e2
k8s.io/apimachinery v0.18.8
k8s.io/client-go v0.18.8
k8s.io/apimachinery v0.19.0
k8s.io/client-go v0.19.0
k8s.io/klog v1.0.0 // indirect
sigs.k8s.io/structured-merge-diff/v3 v3.0.0 // indirect
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