Commit acf6e492 authored by JoshuaSBrown's avatar JoshuaSBrown
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Test globus download from ESNET

parent c4ba7b25
......@@ -505,3 +505,91 @@ def test_globus_process():
# After processing we should verify that the file exists at the final location
assert os.path.exists(abs_path_destination_shared)
def test_globus_process_from_esnet():
required_env_variables = [
for env_var in required_env_variables:
if env_var not in os.environ:
raise Exception(
"Globus test cannot be run if the env variable"
f" {env_var} is not defined and a local "
"globus-connect-server and endpoint have not been"
" set up."
path_to_endpoint = "/home/cades/Collections/default"
path_to_endpoint_shared = "/home/cades/Collections/default/shared"
configuration = {
"client_id": os.getenv(required_env_variables[0]),
"authentication_flow": {
"type": "client credential",
"secret": os.getenv(required_env_variables[1]),
"collections": [
"UUID": os.getenv(required_env_variables[2]),
"path": path_to_endpoint,
"type": "mapped",
"UUID": os.getenv(required_env_variables[3]),
"path": path_to_endpoint_shared,
"type": "guest",
globus_plugin = globus.Globus()
# action items in the list should be executed in order
ESNET_GLOBUS_ENDPOINT_UUID = "ece400da-0182-4777-91d6-27a1808f8371"
package = [
"transfer": {
"destination_collection_UUID": os.getenv(required_env_variables[3]),
"type": "synchronous",
"items": [
"source": {
"type": "globus relative",
"path": "/1M.dat",
"destination": {
"type": "globus relative",
"path": "/1M.dat",
# This test is designed to move a file to the globus endpoint
# So before we get started we are going to make sure that a file
# does not already exist at that location
abs_path_destination = (
+ "/1M.dat"
if os.path.exists(abs_path_destination):
if globus_plugin.check(package):
# After processing we should verify that the file exists at the final location
assert os.path.exists(abs_path_destination)
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