Commit a9e4eb6b authored by Alvarez, Gonzalo's avatar Alvarez, Gonzalo
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correctionvectorimagonly SolverOptions implemented

parent 71eeab08
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ Tests *with* SU(2) symmetry:
29) S(q,omega) cut at omega=2.0 for Heisenberg Model Spin 1/2 (HeStd-F12) on a chain (CubicStd1d) for J=1.0 with 8 sites
30) Implicit loops
32) TSPSites=[%c]
37) Like 29 but with correctionvectorimagonly
#27 to 39 are reserved for Heisenberg spin 1/2
40) Fe-based Superconductors model (HuFeAS-2orb) on a ladder (LadderFeAs) with U=0 J=0 with 4+4 sites
......@@ -312,6 +312,8 @@ private:
if (CalcR::ActionType::isValueComplex()) return;
if (model_.params().options.isSet("correctionvectorimagonly")) return;
krylovHelper_.calcR(r, what.real(), T, V, phi, n2, i0);
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