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2020-03-13 Version 5.70
Bug fixes:
* BatchedGemm: compilation update
* CorrectionVectorAction with complex correction vector
* TST: Extreme operator application
* observe: Undef variable and tiny memory leak fixed
* observe: fixed rightmost site (Thanks to Max)
* observe 3-point bug fix (Thanks to Max)
* procOmegas.pl: read time only if Cheby (Thanks to Pontus)
* gemmR replaces GEMM everywhere (Thanks to Ed)
GemmRnb= is available but disabled
New features:
* Compilation: addto basics available in psiTags now
* Support changing TSPTau from one run to next
(Thanks to Pontus)
* observe: special operators use ! (Thanks to Jacek)
* RecoverySave= awesome predicate now (Thanks to Pontus)
* toolboxdmrg can take cout file as input
* SolverOptions= addPidToOutputName is now available (Thanks to Joel)
* ThreadsLevelTwo= now available for nested parallelism
* outSpaceToDos.pl added (Thanks to Bradraj and Rahul)
2020-01-14 Version 5.68
Bug fixes:
......@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ public:
PsimagLite::OstringStream msgg(std::cout.precision());
PsimagLite::OstringStream::OstringStreamType& msg = msgg();
msg<<" [features "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
msg<<" [master "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
PsimagLite::String ctOpts("");
#ifdef USE_SHORT
ctOpts += "SHORT ";
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "5.69"
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "5.70"
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