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2019-11-08 Version 5.64
* MultiExcited implemented
but changes are needed
* Multiple sectors implemented,
TargetingMultiQ no longer needed
* Bug fix for Ancilla (bug introduced in March 2019)
* Graphene model implemented
* SolverOptions now a class
2019-09-23 Version 5.62
User facing:
......@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@ public:
static PsimagLite::String logo(PsimagLite::String appName)
PsimagLite::OstringStream msg;
msg<<" [features "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
msg<<" [master "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
PsimagLite::String ctOpts("");
#ifdef USE_LONG
ctOpts += "LONG ";
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "5.63"
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "5.64"
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